Below Deck Meds Lexi Wilson speaks out on fiery Malia clash: Was p*****d off

Below Deck Mediterranean: First look of series six

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The Bravo reality series has seen its fair share of arguments over the seasons. However, stewardess Lexi Wilson clashed with bosun Malia White several times in the latest episodes of the show. Lexi has since detailed the night she and Malia clashed in a fiery debate about money which ruined a relaxed night off for the crew.

In season six of the reality series, Captain Sandy returns to navigate a new yacht, the Lady Michelle, through the Dalmatian Coast.

Lexi is one of the main stewardesses on the yacht and works alongside bosun Malia.

The pair had an almighty clash in episode two, It’s Not Easy Being Green, with Lexi now speaking out on what went down.

The stewardess revealed she was “eager” to spend some time with her crewmates away from work.

“I think I was really excited to just get off the boat and have a day off or night off and not have to think about the guests,” she told The Daily Dish [via Bravo TV].

Lexi went on to note liked everyone in the crew and often looked forward to spending time with them away from work.

However, she and chef Matthew Shea didn’t get along this season, with Lexi remarking he was “always the one I didn’t really care to hang out with”.

During the night off, Lexi and Malia began to argue after a crew dinner over the bill.

Lexi has insisted the whole thing was “definitely a misunderstanding”.

Everyone at the table owed 300 kuna for their dinner, but Lexi only had euros so proceeded to ask Malia what the conversion rate was to pay her share.

Lexi said she was disappointed Malia didn’t just admit she didn’t know the conversion rate so the two could simply figure out money the next day.

She said: “I feel like [deckhand Mzi ‘Zee’ Dempers] from the restaurant was already like, ‘300 kuna,’ when I wasn’t talking to him or Lloyd [Spencer].

“I was literally calling Malia’s name to ask her what I owe her, not Zee or Lloyd.

“So from the restaurant, I was already p***ed off a little bit,” the stewardess added.

Lexi stated the money confusion led her to feel incredibly “frustrated” and alcohol that evening made the situation worse.

“I just didn’t understand. If [Malia] had given me time to convert that, I would have gladly given her that right there and then,” she explained.

“I felt like I was getting an attitude back,” she continued.

The pair argued later into the night with Lexi agreeing the whole thing could have been avoided if she “dealt with Malia separately”.

The stewardess was worried about joining the crew in the hot tub after the pair had an argument prior to leaving the cabin.

She said she really wanted to “chill with the crew” but was “annoyed” she and Malia had argued and were no longer on “good terms”.

Lexi insisted she was “responding to things that were said to me” that evening, and she definitely wasn’t “just arguing for the sake of arguing”.

Below Deck Mediterranean is available to watch on Bravo in the US.

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