BGT mind-reader cracks up audience playing epic prank on Amanda Holden

Amanda Holden ends up victim to the most brilliantly simple prank on Saturday’s Britain’s Got Talent, after being dragged on stage to take part in an act. 

Mind-reading mentalist Lioz Shem Tov is hoping to win over the judges with his act, but in order to show off his skills to the best of his ability, he needs a glamorous assistant. 

Cue Amanda Holden, who gets roped in to helping him out on stage. 

In tonight’s first look, Lioz makes Amanda pick out a box (though it doesn’t look like she has much choice in which one she gets) and stand back to back with Lioz to choose a plastic bag from within the box.

Amanda chooses a red bag, and is then told to count to ten slowly before the pair will turn to the audience at the same time. 

While Amanda is holding her carrier bag and counting to ten – with a few false starts – the audience can see Lioz peeling and eating a banana with his back to her. 

As the countdown nears its end, he can be seen stuffing the last of the banana into his mouth before the magic happens… but can you guess what the trick is? 

Will he make the banana reappear in the bag? Maybe even a whole bunch of them will pop up from thin air into Amanda’s carrier bag? 

Nope. As the pair turn around and Amanda is ready to be wowed by some seriously impressive illusion, Lioz reaches over and pops his banana skin into Amanda’s bag for her to get rid of. Classic. 

Sometimes it’s the simple things that get the biggest laughs – judging by the audience’s reaction. But will Amanda bin him when it comes to the vote? 

Britain’s Got Talent airs on Saturday at 8pm on ITV.

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