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BRITAIN'S Got Talent returns tonight – and praise be for that, because if we're not allowed out on a Saturday, there absolutely has to be Ant and Dec on the telly.

While a thrilling line-up of acts are ready to entertain us, we're taking a look back at some of the show's giants, from the creepy 'X' who convinced us all the hosts were psychic to Pudsey the wonder-dog.

So sit back and enjoy some of the show's finest ever auditions and re-live the first time we set eyes on Stavros Flatley, or saw Colin Thackeray, the powerful pensioner with the voice of an angel.

Will any of this year's acts be able to top these Got Talent titans? There's not long to find out…

'X' freaks out Ant and Dec (2019)

Long before wearing a mask and gloves was an everyday sight, BGT viewers were treated to 'X', a magician who wore just that – and freaked out Ant, Dec, the judges and all of us.

He set out to prove that the hosts had a psychic connection, by making them feel each other's touch despite being nowhere near each other, then got them to doodle on a card.

To a sharp intake of breath from Cowell and co, their drawings were revealed to be the date ‘1989’ – the year Ant and Dec met – flipped upside down.

Was the mysterious 'X' a dark psychic force from the future? No, as it turned out at the final. It was Marc Spelmann from the previous year in a spooky disguise

Paul Potts' Nessum Stormer (2007)

Unassuming star Paul was the first person to have their life transformed by Britain's Got Talent with the world gaining an opera icon – and the Carphone Warehouse losing a manager.

He won the first series after performing Nessum Dorma and earning himself an instant standing ovation from the 2,000-strong crowd.

Paul went on to to have a stellar career and Potts of money, becoming a millionaire many times over.

But fans failed to vote him the greatest ever, getting knocked out a little too early for some fans in last year's epic Champions series.

Stavros Flatley's Greek odyssey (2009)

Back in 2014, Greek restauranteur Demetrios and his son Lagi stopped smashing plates and started smashing records.

Fusing the hitherto-untapped goldmine – for them at least – that is combining Greek culture with Irish dancing, the pair stormed into the finals of BGT.

It even impressed a young Piers Morgan who donned their blonde wig and gifted them an "absolute yes" through to the next round.

The dad, then 40, and his son, then 11, returned to the stage a decade on to reprise the act, this time with Lagi sporting a beard and his very own 'Cyprus' tattoo.

Colin Thackery's pensioner power (2019)

Chelsea pensioner Colin Thackery fought in the Korean War, so you'd think ITV primetime would be a walk in the park.

However, the 89-year-old had to see off not one but two magicians, and a comedian called Kojo Anim.

Plucky Colin had the audience spellbound from the start, singing Wind Beneath My Wings, dedicated to his late wife Joan, to whom he had been married for 66 years.

He went on to release an album called Love Changes Everything and split his £250,000 winnings between the Royal Hospital Chelsea and his grandchildren.

Ashleigh and Pudsey take the lead (2012)

Dog acts have come and gone, but none have captured the imagination quite like Ashleigh and Pudsey.

The pair performed a slightly odd routine to The Flintstones theme, with Ashleigh Jade Butler throwing herself into the role of a smiling cavewoman while Pudsey focused on playing a dancing dog.

Delighting Simon Cowell, they sailed through to the final which they won, beating opera duo Jonathan and Charlotte.

They later appeared in another Cowell-produced epic, Pudsey: The Movie in 2004, alongside future Oscar-winner Oliva Colman. Pudsey sadly died in 2017, to be replaced by Sully.

Calum Scott gives it his all (2015)

Poor Calum Scott had to take to the stage after seeing his sister Jade ring up chorus of 'no's from the judges – but went on to smash his audition.

She watched on, sobbing, from the wings alongside Ant and Dec while he sung Robyn's Dancing On My Own.

He later got Simon's golden buzzer and released it as a No2 single, which helped him score a record deal.

However, Calum's perfect voice wasn't enough to propel him to BGT victory, being beaten by a performance dog called Matisse, and a dance troupe known as Old Men Grooving. That's showbusiness.

Boogie Storm are troupers (2016)

This lot didn't just manage to evade the wrath of Disney, they found fame on both Britain's and America's Got Talent.

Dancing to tracks such as It's Raining Men while dressed as Star Wars' footsoldier baddies the Stormtroopers, they cut through the competition like a hot knife through even hotter butter.

However, they wound up being stopped in their tracks by close-up magician Richard Jones.

  • Britain's Got Talent returns tonight at 8pm on ITV, followed by Britain's Got Talent Unseen on the ITV Hub

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