Call The Midwife season 11 ending explained: What happened in the finale?

Call the Midwife: Doctor Turner injured in train crash

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Call The Midwife returned for the season finale on BBC One and fans finally learned who made it through to the next season. The action-packed episode took place directly after the tragic train derailment, and there were some fatalities. has all you need to know about what happened at the end.


What happened at the end of Call The Midwife season 11?

Call The Midwife fans were left on the edge of their seats following the devastating penultimate episode.

Lionel Corbett (played by Marc Elliott) had suffered an unexpected medical incident that caused him to lose consciousness.

All the while, his wife was in labour about to deliver their baby son, and she was eagerly awaiting her husband’s arrival.

Sadly one of the first confirmed fatalities was Lionel, and it transpired he had an undetected brain tumour.

The midwives at Nonnatus House had no choice but to break the devastating news to his wife after she had given birth.

The only other known fatality was Dorothy Carnie (Stephanie Jacob), who had been serving tea on the train.

She suffered serious burns, but also had other injuries that proved fatal and she died in the care of Sister Julienne (Jenny Agutter) and Dr Turner (Stephen McGann).

The pair had been unconscious following the crash and Sister Julienne appeared to have some broken ribs.

Meanwhile, Dr Turner had hit his head and was suffering from a blunt trauma.

Whilst Nonnatus House became the first aid station for other passengers, Sister Julienne and Dr Turner were left to fend for themselves.

This was until Timothy Turner (Max Macmillan) was called up to the train wreckage to help ut as a medic.

He was able to find his dad and Sister Julienne and was able to offer some assistance.

The trainee doctor thought Sister Julienne was having a heart attack and the pair were rushed off to hospital.

Thankfully they were both alive, but their injuries seemed to be life-limiting.

Dr Turner will make a full recovery but will be out of work for weeks following a concussion and a severely damaged arm.

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Sister Julienne will too recover, but will not be able to work for some time.

She was worried she had reached the end of her life, telling Shelagh Turner (Laura Main) she did not have long left.

Luckily it transpired she did not have a heart attack and was instead in a severe state of shock.

Apart from a couple of broken ribs, she managed to escape without serious injury.

Due to the extent of the damage in Poplar and the number of casualties, Nurse Crane (Linda Bassett) was called back from her holiday to help out.

Elsewhere at Nonnatus House, Carole Reece’s (Ellie-May Sheridan) baby died because it was too small.

However, the baby was buried with Dorothy as a way of ensuring safe passage to the afterlife.

The season ended with Nurse Crane taking a group photo of the entire team, which included series regular Matthew Aylward (Olly Rix).

In a fitting tribute to the absent Trixie Franklin (Helen George), they held a photograph of her to indicate she was still a part of the team.

The series has already been renewed until 2024, with this year’s Christmas special still to come.

Call The Midwife will return for a 12th season in early 2023, the Christmas special will air later this year.

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