Carol McGiffin’s future on Loose Women in jeopardy as she slams show and reveals why she’s been ‘missing’ for two months | The Sun

FURIOUS Carol McGiffin has revealed she's "stepped back" from Loose Women after a "totally unjust" contract dispute.

The opinionated ITV panelist, 63, explained her hiatus from the talk show series, which has seen her switch the small screen for exotic holidays in Thailand.

Carol has now broken her silence on her Loose Women gig after joining the show originally in 2000.

She told Best Magazine how the "stress" over upcoming contract negotiations had been impacting her life.

She said: "I haven't been on the show for two months now because I've had to step away from it.

"It was causing me too much stress, which was mostly down to a difficult contract issue I'd been challenging since January.


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"The problem was, ITV were insisting, for the first time since I went back in 2018, that if I wanted to carry on doing the show, I would have to sign a contract that was totally unjust and unworkable for me, so I had to say no thanks.

"And I know it looks like I've thrown my toys out of the pram, but the whole saga was affecting my health."

Carol, who is a favourite for her fiery opinions and was recently criticised for slamming her co-stars tattoos, was quick to emphasise her current situation.

She added to the publication: "It's not really that I've left, I'm just not doing it at the moment. I feel quite upset about it, if I'm honest, because although it is my decision, I felt like it was one I was being forced to make.

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"No one in their right mind would have signed that contract. And I can't see a way back from it."

With the Loose Women tour upcoming, Carol confirmed she will not be a part of it.

She also opened up on the impact of the "stress" on her skin – which recently flushed red at sporadic intervals.

She said: "A dermatologist said it was contact dermatitis and gave me a strong steroid cream, which did get rid of it, but doesn't explain why it happened again when I went back to do more shows at the end of March.

"It couldn't have been an allergy because I threw all the creams away and tests came up with nothing. Also, it hasn't happened since, so I think it must have been down to stress, and you can't do stress when you've had a cancer that is likely to return one day like I have."

With her break from the small screen, she is now focussing on writing and enjoying the summer.

Previously on Loose Women, Carol has lashed out a Meghan Markle.

She has also clashed over the subject of working class billionaires and called out "lazy" Brits for eating takeaways.

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