Chrissy Teigen prepares to homeschool kids as she's 'always wanted to be a teacher'

A PREGNANT Chrissy Teigen is getting ready to home school her kids and is excited be she "always wanted to be a teacher".

The model shared four pictures of the 'classroom' she's created at home for her kids, complete with a cubby to store school bags and jackets.

Her four-year-old daughter, Luna, has already personalised her cubby with a handmade name tag.

Chrissy worked hard to replicate a real life classroom in the LA home she shares with Oscar winning husband, John Legend.

Alongside the adorable photos, Chrissy tweeted: "Everyone get ready for …. miss chrissy. pregnant and here for it (I really have always wanted to be a teacher!)"

In the DIY classroom, Chrissy set up a round wooden table surrounded by four small chairs, a cabinet with building blocks, activity trays, toy section, story corner and containers of colouring pencils on top of the tables.

In one of the photos her oldest daughter Luna is seen sitting at a longer wooden table with a plastic plate of food in front of her.

Some of the toys in the room include a mini kitchen complete with toy dishwasher and microwave.

Blue bookshelves stacked with educational books line a wall above a grey sofa with matching cushions.

Chrissy recently shocked fans when she announced she was pregnant with her third child.

The mom-of-two and husband John shared the adorable news in John’s new Wild music video, which saw her cradling her baby bump at the end of the song’s visuals.

Taking to Twitter after they shared the news they’re going to have a third child, Chrissy, 34, set the record straight on the timing of their happy announcement. 

Many fans had noted that Chrissy had recently undergone breast implant removal surgery and asked if she had been pregnant at the time. 

“Oh, it's quite a story. Lol,” the TV personality wrote in response to a fan who said they were “confused” about the timeline.

She explained: “I did the routine pregnancy test you do before surgery. It said negative. It was not negative.

“A few weeks after surgery, I took a test. And for many years now, I've taken pregnancy tests almost every month, praying to see a positive one day. Just wishful thinking. I never had a positive before.”

John, 41, and Chrissy, 34, already share four-year-old daughter Luna and two-year-old son Miles, both of whom also made appearances in their father's new music video.

The couple met on set of the musician's music video for his 2006 single Stereo.

They dated for a few years before becoming engaged in 2011 and tying the knot in 2013.

After giving birth to son Miles in 2018, the 34-year-old model told Us Weekly that she wanted to have "another baby."

The model said: "I just want to go babies, back to back to back, but then I think maybe I want to have my 30s, really live in my 30s and not just be pregnant throughout them."

Chrissy continued in the interview: “I have a husband who truly loves the whole experience.

"He holds my belly at night, sings to it, wants to be there for me.

"I’m really lucky because some men start to look at you like a tool, I’ve heard, so I’ve been scared and don’t let that happen to me! But it hasn’t and it’s really good."


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