Clay Harbor Confirms Peter and Kelley Are Dating in Insta Live After Hanging with Them in Chicago

Good morning to Clay Harbor only, who’s out here blowing up Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan’s spot. Clay hit Instagram Live with Chris Randone last night, and fully revealed that Peter and Kelley are dating—something they have not confirmed themselves.

Basically, Clay mused, “I’ve met Kelley because she’s from Chicago,” to which Chris responded “homegirl’s dating Peter right?” And Clay’s reaction to that? To straight-up say “yes.” Fear not, the moment has been captured on several Bachelor fan sites:

Clay also said “I think it makes more sense with Kelley,” and added “he can have conversations with her, you know? Honestly, physically speaking, I think Pete’s season of women was unbelievable physically attractive, but I think that, you know, a lot of them weren’t as mature as maybe sometimes they have been in the past.”

Um. Kay! Also, if you’re wondering why we should trust Clay on this, he was straight-up spotted hanging out with Peter and Kelley in Chicago, where Peter was seen spinning Kelley on his shoulder.

Meanwhile, Peter just tagged Kelley in his latest Instagram video, and fans figured out that he’s hanging at her apartment based on the damn rug (truly, next level sleuthing), so guess it’s safe to say they’re officially together?

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