Coronation Street murder horror as Debbie and Kevin Webster left fighting for their lives tonight

DEBBIE and Kevin Webster are left to die in a freezer in the bistro in tonight's Coronation Street as Ray Crosby discovers her plan to double cross him. 

The businesswoman – who is played by actress Sue Devaney in the ITV soap – has promised she'll organise Ray a new life abroad after faking his death.

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But Debbie lets slip to Ray’s accountant, Miles, that she has no intention of securing Ray a new life in Turkey – and that instead she wants him to go to prison.

Later, Abi calls at the bistro and tells her they need to tell Kevin the truth about Ray as he’s growing increasingly suspicious, but Debbie refuses. 

Kevin spots Mick lurking outside the bistro looking for Ray and tells him to speak to Debbie. 

Abi is left worried about Debbie’s safety and tells Kevin it was Debbie who called an ambulance and saved her life.

But when she goes on to explain that Debbie is claiming she ended up killing Ray in self-defence, Kevin doesn’t believe a word of it and tells Abi he suspects that Ray isn’t dead.

Meanwhile, Ray disguises himself as a workman and overhears Debbie discussing her plans with his accountant.

Furious Ray reveals his identity and forces a horrified Debbie into the walk-in fridge, where he locks her in.

Kevin comes to her rescue and hits Ray over the head with a frying pan before trying to get her out of the fridge. 

But as the door slams behind them they both realise in horror that they’re both locked in. 

Will someone come to their rescue?

Corrie viewers know that Debbie told Abi she had killed Ray in self-defence after saving her life from the evil property developer when he drugged her and dragged her to the bistro.

But it soon emerged the businesswoman was lying as she arrived at a bedsit where she was hiding Ray.

She told Ray she would get him out of the country, but only if he signed over all his businesses to her.

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