Coronation Street spoilers: Abi Franklin and Peter Barlow grow closer as Debbie Webster catches them

DEBBIE Webster grows suspicious of Abi Franklin next week in Coronation Street as she watches her growing closer to Peter Barlow.

Debbie’s arrival this week came as recovering addict Abi – who is played by actress Sally Carman in the ITV soap – was tempted by drugs again following a horror accident at work. 

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Abi was rescued by her ex Peter and rushed to hospital, where she took her chance to steal morphine from a hospital trolley after the nurse told her she couldn’t be prescribed it due to past addiction issues. 

Peter spotted her pocketing the morphine and told her to put it back, but went quiet when they were interrupted by Abi’s current boyfriend Kevin.

Back at home, Abi was furious to realise that the morphine has disappeared after a visit from Peter and stormed over to the pub to confront him about stealing it. 

Viewers then watched Peter visit again and tell Abi she needs to get help before things spiral out of control. 

When Carla got wind of Peter’s visits to Abi, she reminded him that Abi was in love with him not long ago and warned him to be careful. 

Next week’s episodes of Coronation Street will see Abi and Peter return from their meeting. 

A suspicious Debbie watches from a distance as Abi thanks Peter for his support.

Might Debbie report what she’s seen back to Kevin?

The Sun Online has revealed that Debbie will take a dislike to Abi’s relationship with Kevin and set about trying to save him from her clutches in the coming weeks.

A source revealed: “Abi’s tried so hard and she’s finally in a place where she has a shot at a happy life.

“But it’s all going to come tumbling down around her and her old habits start to resurface.

“Kevin’s going to have no idea what she’s going through and Abi will need to find every bit of strength she can muster to not relapse.

“Viewers are going to be left questioning whether she can do it or whether she’s a lost cause.”

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