Coronation Street spoilers: Bernie Winter’s killer secret ‘exposed’ as death rocks cobbles

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Bernie (played by Jane Hazlegrove) has been doing her best to put her troublesome days behind her of late on Coronation Street, having moved in with daughter Gemma Winter (Dolly Rose-Campbell) and rebuilding her relationship with Paul (Peter Ash). The quirky character has felt a sense of guilt ever since her son told his mother he was abused by her ex-boyfriend Kel Hinchley (Joseph Alessi) when he was just a child. Monday’s edition of the ITV soap saw the family discover the latter’s body had been found in a local canal, bringing up the trauma of their past with the sex offender. However, with the mother-of-two relieved to hear her former partner was dead, could she be behind his untimely demise?

After Paul’s boyfriend Billy Mayhew (Daniel Brocklebank) had the news confirmed it was Kel’s body the authorities had found, he told his partner his abuser was dead.

The vicar thought this would bring him some relief but after reporting his abuse to the police last year and the investigation falling through, it was just another reminder he wouldn’t get justice.

With the Underworld Factory worker devastated by reliving the darkest time of his life, his partner headed over to Gemma’s house to make the announcement.

Wondering if either his other half’s sister or mother had seen him after he ran off, the churchgoer said: “I just want to know he’s safe.

“I could tell he was upset,” he continued, to which Bernie told him: “[Paul] will just want time to clear his head.”

Although she was shocked to hear Kel had died, the mother-of-two seemed rather composed despite having quite the history with her former lover.

Gemma then asked, “What have the cops said? Was it an accident or what?” with Billy admitting they didn’t know the circumstances surrounding the abuser’s demise.

“Well, it could’ve been [an accident],” Bernie replied before dropping a big hint she could have had some involvement.

“Accident or otherwise, good riddance to bad rubbish I say,” she declared, becoming particularly shifty as she tried to keep her cool.

Good riddance to bad rubbish I say

Bernie Winter

Could it be she actually knows more than she’s letting on about how Kel met his maker and how long will she be able to hide her secret if she has killed him?

There are several avenues she could have pursued in her quest for revenge, namely paying someone to carry out the deed for her.

However, with the mother-of-two cash-strapped, she might have coerced her former lover into causing his accident death himself.

Bernie could have agreed to have met him for a drink but the date could have ended with him being incredibly drunk.

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The twins’ mother could have then pointed him in the direction of the canal where he slipped or stumbled into the water.

Later in the week, the police will call round to Paul and Billy’s flat where they will ask a few questions about the former character’s demise.

Unfortunately, the factory worker will be put firmly in the frame for murder as he tells the officers he’s not surprised his abuser is dead.

Furthermore, he drops into conversation the fact the sex offender was murdered, to which the authorities tell him they never released said information.

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Things bubble over when Billy later accuses his partner of killing Kel, asking what made him think the villain had been murdered.

This will cause a rift between the pair, but could Paul really have had something to do with his abuser’s demise.

If Bernie figures out her son was behind her former lovers’ death, will she be forced to take the wrap for him?

Feeling she failed her child during the darkest time of his life, will this be the ultimate payback to show him how much she cares?

Coronation Street continues Wednesday at 7:30pm on ITV.

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