'Counting On’: Some Call on Critics to Stop Reporting the Daughters' Influencer Deals: 'It's Their Chance At Freedom'

The Duggar women have been posting advertisements more and more on their social media profiles. The women don’t hold regular jobs, but they are evidently still looking for ways to make money. And since they all have nearly (or more than) one million followers, Instagram advertising seems like a good opportunity.

Almost every time a Duggar gets a deal, though, people shame the company for working with such close-minded people (the Duggars openly oppose gay marriage and abortion). However, some fans are calling for critics to stop getting in the way.

The Duggars have advertised several brands

These days, Instagram advertising is one of the most important ways that companies can build their brands. Businesses often hire “influencers” to run marketing campaigns on their Instagram pages. A typical influencer’s following can range from anywhere 1,000 followers to millions.

The Duggar women’s follower counts are anywhere from several hundred thousand to more than a million, and they’ve advertised a few different brands. From skincare to audiobooks, they’ve pretty much all become involved with at least one influencer deal.

Jinger Duggar has had a very hard time keeping influencer deals

Jinger Duggar, who has the third-highest following behind her sisters Jessa and Jill, has been working hard to set up some influencer deals ever since she and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, move to Los Angeles last year. However, Duggar has run several promotions that have been cancelled due to complaints from the show’s customers.

Fonuts, Rebecca Minkoff, and Ruggable all pulled their ads with the TLC star after fans complained that they didn’t agree with Duggar’s personal beliefs. It seems that every time she gets a deal, it falls through because of who she is.

Some are calling on people to stop reporting the deals

Though many people adore the Duggars, there are quite a few who criticize their beliefs. But some have called on people to stop reporting the Duggars to various companies because it’s the girls’ only sense of making a meaningful financial contribution. “The thing about leaving a cult is that it takes years to deprogram. Jim Bob Duggar raised the kids to fear the world. When we call them bigots, we become what they fear. Please let the girls work by not disrupting their influencer deals. It’s their chance at freedom,” Without a Crystal Ball, a popular podcast, posted to its Twitter.

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Critics responded with mixed reviews

One Reddit user posted the tweet to a new thread, and people had varying opinions on the idea. “I have never understood why they are punished for being victimized. Jinger and Jill are definitely not pushing the agenda. Allowing them to move on gives the others hope,” someone wrote, agreeing with the tweet. “… The Duggars purposely stunted their kids and completely deprived them of an education… I doubt any of the adult kids would be able to find a job,” someone else wrote in agreement.

“F*ck their attempts at “being influencers”. Theirbeliefs are more than enough evidence that they shouldn’t be“influencing” anyone,” someone wrote in disagreement with the tweet. “They’renot going to learn if we cover up their bigoted ways. They need to be calledout on it,” another user wrote. It seems that people had mixed opinions on theDuggars’ influencer lifestyles, and it looks like both sides make fair points.Time will tell if the ladies will ever be able to not have an influencer deal go wrong.

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