'Crime Scene Kitchen' Judge, Yolanda Gampp Doesn't Enjoy Cooking Anymore

Yolanda Gampp is known for her baked goods that look like real objects. The Crime Scene Kitchen judge loves baking, but she revealed how she feels about cooking.

‘Crime Scene Kitchen’ Judge, Yolanda Gampp doesn’t enjoy cooking anymore

Gampp only focuses on desserts. The baker revealed why she doesn’t teach cooking to her fans.

“I adore food. I went to culinary school straight out of high school thinking I would become a chef,” she told Parade. “Although I took a detour into baking as a career, food remains to be one of my passions.”

She revealed why cooking isn’t her passion. “I don’t enjoy the act of cooking anymore, especially after long days filming in the kitchen, but, boy, do I love eating!” Gampp said.

The judge said her father and husband, David Perruzza are great cooks. This helps her with not having to do much cooking once she’s done with work.

Her husband, David Perruzza does some of the cooking

Gampp gave Perruzza the nickname “Mr. Cake.” He works in real estate and sometimes appears on her YouTube channel, How To Cake It. They share a son named Prince.

She also revealed the one thing she doesn’t like to eat with The Globe and Mail. “The one thing I don’t like – and it drives my husband crazy – is I don’t like my yolks runny,” Gampp revealed. “It’s the one thing from childhood that I have never gotten over.”

She went on to give a theory on why she dislikes runny eggs so much. “It might have something to do with the fact that when I started to work at bakeries, they used to keep all of the egg whites and yolks separated in two buckets,” the YouTube star explained. “I just remember sticking my hand and measuring cup into a bucket of yolks. That just sealed the deal.”

Yolanda Gampp is taking a break from making new cakes for YouTube 

Gampp posted an update for her fans on YouTube on May 29, 2021. “You won’t see any new cakes on this channel at the moment because I’ve been working on a few new special projects,” she teased.

That project is Crime Scene Kitchen. She also revealed she’s offering courses on cake decorating and baking. “I’m really passionate about baking, as you know, and I love teaching,” she said in the video. She ended the video saying she’ll be back soon with another update. It looks like Gampp won’t be switching from baking any time soon to cook. She’s now focused on being a judge on Crime Scene Kitchen, which airs on FOX on Wednesdays on 9/8 CDT.

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