Dancing On Ice’s Vanessa Bauer says she 'can't stop crying' after the 'worst week' in quarantine ahead of show return

DANCING On Ice's Vanessa Bauer has admitted that life in quarantine has taken its toll on her mental health.

The German pro skater was forced to self-isolate last week after testing positive for Covid-19 alongside her celebrity partner Joe-Warren Plant.

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Although she doesn't have physical symptoms of the deadly virus, the athlete has said that her mental health has been affected and she's been left in tears for days as she grapples with life in quarantine.

The figure skater felt compelled to speak to her Instagram followers yesterday after she shared a video of her mastering a handstand, in which she made a quip about being "frustrated" with symptomless Covid.

She penned across the clip posted to her Instagram Story: "If anyone's wondering what I'm up to during my isolation. It's so frustrating to have covid without any symptoms."

In light of her initial post, the 24-year-old apologised for the caption mere moments later and explained that she understands many are suffering.

Despite physically being OK, she has found it difficult to remain positive as she is confined indoors.

She began: "Hey guys, I wanted to jump on here and apologise for my latest post. I'm sorry when I said it was frustrating to have Covid without any symptoms.

"I realise it's a bad thing of me to say because I'm so lucky to have Covid without any symptoms and I know a lot of families and people are suffering so much because of bad Covid symptoms and I'm fully aware that it wasn't the smartest thing to say so I fully apologise for it.

"It's mentally very, very hard for me to process this whole situation and I find it mentally very frustrating. It's really hard to try and come to terms with it, that you've got this virus in you when you can't even feel it.

"But it's literally pulling you out of everything in your life that's bringing you joy in a way so that's what I mean its very frustrating that sense of knowing you can't do what you're supposed to be doing," she added.

"But again, feel very, very lucky not to have symptoms to be completely fine and I am very grateful for that.

Continuing: "I really feel with everybody suffering so much physically but also mentally. We're getting through it together guys.

"I had the worst few days. I've cried so much guys. I'm trying to find the positives."

On Tuesday, The Sun's Bizarre reported that DOI bosses are set to spark a favouritism row by letting the skating duo re-join the show — after they were axed due to Covid-19.

ITV says if they test negative with enough training time for next Sunday’s show, they can return.

But it goes against the show’s own hardened-up rules which stated a positive test meant immediate — and permanent — expulsion.

Bosses also say they will not be extending the invite to any of the other celebrities who have had to withdraw from the contest due to injury or Covid.

Insiders say Emmerdale actor Joe, 18, and Vanessa are allowed to return because they only missed one week due to their Covid diagnoses. 

Rufus Hound, 41, who had Covid, Billie Faiers, 31, and Denise Van Outen, 46, who were both injured, all had at least two weeks off.

The Sun revealed earlier this week how the show’s producers have had to pause filming for the first time — meaning no show will air on Sunday.

They took the unprecedented decision because of a spate of injuries and positive Covid-19 tests, leaving them with too few celebrities to fill the two-hour slot and no reserve skaters for the first time in the show’s history.

Reserves Olympian Amy Tinkler, 21, and comedian Matt Richardson, 29, both had to be called upon, but were then voted off. 

But The Sun understands the move to allow Joe and Vanessa back has raised eyebrows among the show’s cast. 

A source said: “It does feel like one rule for them and another for everybody else. 

“It feels like nothing is going to get in the way of Joe and Vanessa winning this year’s show. They might as well get the trophy now.

“Two weeks ago they changed the rules to say that a positive test meant you were out for good. That’s why Rufus was given the boot and told he could not return. Now apparently it doesn’t.

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