Diversity's Ashley and Jordan Banjo suffer MORE sick abuse after Bafta win reignites race row

ASHLEY and Jordan Banjo faced more racist trolling after their dance group Diversity won a Bafta.

Diversity's Black Lives Matter routine on last year's Britain's Got Talent earned them an award at Sunday's ceremony.

The routine attracted thousands of hateful comments online and more than 30,000 complaints to media watchdog, Ofcom.

During their acceptance speech, Ashley fought back tears over the 'dark time' amid racist abuse, which they are facing again after their triumphant win for the publicly voted Must-See TV moment.

Ashley, his brother Jordan and his fellow performers have received more horrific abuse online since the historic win with racists claiming 'they only won because of the colour of their skin'.

Racist trolls took to Twitter to complain about the win, which was voted the most popular TV moment by the British public.

It beat other memorable moments from 2020 including, the shocking moment on Eastenders when Gray Atkins killed Chantelle, Bridgerton's big reveal, Gogglebox stars' reaction to Prime Minister Boris Johnson's press conference, Nigella Cook's bizarre pronunciation of 'microwave' and Luke Skywalker appearing on The Mandalorian.

Despite fighting back tears during his acceptance speech, Ashley had the last laugh over trolls today.

Ashely chuckled as he held up his Bafta on his Instagram Stories, reacting with shock to his big win.

"Wow… this is not just any Bafta it's the Must-See Moment, public vote Bafta," as he thanked his followers.

"This just changes the game… this changes the whole chapter of what happened.

"It's not longer the performance that got all the complaints, this is the performance that started some important conversations and won a Bafta."

Ashley finished by saying: "Thank you guys, so proud."

During his emotional acceptance speech at the Baftas, Ashley also made the surprising choice to thank the trolls and everyone who complained.

"In a way, I have to say thank you to the people who complained, to the people who did put all that abuse out there online, because you showed the truth.

"You showed exactly why this performance and this moment was necessary."

As he touched his award, he continued: "But for all of those people, just take a look, because as much as there are so many conversations and so much that needs to change, this is what change looks like."

Ashley then finished his speech with a request for people to continue pushing for change and equality.

He said: "So thank you all, so, so much and let's keep having those difficult conversations and let's keep standing up for what's right regardless of the colour of our skin and we will achieve that equality."

The dancer will also have plenty of reasons to celebrate as he is set to rake in millions in 2022 with new TV shows, tour and the launch of Diversity dance studios.

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, Dancing on Ice judge Ashley, 32, revealed lucrative deals for Diversity next year, and said: "There are a lot of new TV projects and shows in the pipeline I can’t mention yet but they include The Void game show for ITV, the new Diversity Tour and the opening of the brand new Diversity Studios which we’re really excited about!

"But also some new projects that aren’t on the TV that you’ll be able to stream… Watch this space."

Speaking as part of his Kingsmill and TikTok partnership to encourage people to get fit post lockdown, he said: "Goals haven’t changed for us… Still love what we do, still plan to throw Perri around a bit and we still plan to just keep creating and keep touring."

He added: "We have our biggest tour of the UK and Ireland ever starting in Spring 2022 called ‘Connected’ and I can’t wait to get back on the road with the team!"

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