Don’t always feel great Ruth Langsford details how husband Eamonn makes her feel sexy

Ruth Langsford says she was nervous to meet Eamonn's kids

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Talking on ITV’s Loose Women, Ruth explained that Eamonn is very complimentary towards her, even though she believes her body has changed over the years. The former This Morning duo have been married since 2010, and on Monday’s edition of the daytime chat show, the 61-year-old told fellow panellists how Eamonn, 62, helps her to love her figure again.

Debating whether it’s harder to feel sexy with age, Ruth chatted to colleagues Coleen Nolan, Carol McGriffin and Kéllé Bryan.

Kéllé, 46, explained: “I’ve had my babies and I’ve finally got my body back, I feel great!

“I do feel sexy, I’m told I’m sexy and I like to feel sexy.

“I love really nice underwear, putting it on and feeling good.”

“The word ‘sexy’, I immediately think of scratchy underwear,” Ruth admitted.

“There’s something slightly cringey about the word sexy. Not feeling sexy or being sexy but just the word, sometimes for me.”

The Eternal singer argued: “No, I feel sexy because I feel confident in myself and just feeling good about myself.”

“Because I don’t think it’s about how you look, is it?” Ruth asked.

She continued: “For me, sexiness is in the mind – it’s about how you feel about yourself.

“And you see these really sassy women that exude sexuality, and they’re not all a size six, with the so-called perfect shape.”

“And being in a newish relationship is nice,” Coleen joined in. “That makes you feel good.”

Coleen asked Ruth: “Do you feel sexy?”

“Not all the time,” she responded. “I think if you have a partner who makes you feel sexy.

“Eamonn’s always very complimentary, even though I’m bigger than I was and I don’t always feel great about my body but he’ll always be very complimentary.”

“That’s important though isn’t it?” Carol agreed. “Mark’s always complimentary about me even if I don’t feel it.”

Carol stated: “I wish I did feel really, really sexy.” She added: “I feel sexy but not sexual, all the time.”

The panel discussed the difference between feeling sexual and being sexy. 

Kéllé pointed out: “For me, being sexy is about feeling empowered and confident and owning my stuff.

“Feeling sexual means that you’re in the mood and that’s totally different.”

Loose Women airs weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV.

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