Dynamo recalls vomiting blood during horrific Crohn’s flareup

Dynamo has opened up on the worst moment of his battle with Crohn’s, recalling a horrific bout of food poisoning which had the magician vomiting blood.

In the summer of 2017, the 37-year-old – who recently battled coronavirus – suffered a flare-up which had him fearing for his life.

Crohn’s is a long-term health condition affecting any part of the digestive system, but usually the small or large intestine.

Returning to the screens in Beyond Belief – his first all-magic TV show since Magician Impossible ended in 2014 – the magician has now opened up on the horrible symptoms of his condition.

Dynamo has battled Crohn’s since his teens, having had half of his stomach removed at the age of 17, however the 37-year-old revealed the moment his illness hit its worst three years ago, with a bout of food poisoning.

‘The easiest way to sum up Crohn’s is to imagine an open wound on your hand, but inside your tummy, and every time you eat it’s like rubbing dirt into that wound,’ he explained to The Sun’s TV Magazine. ‘Obviously some food is dirtier than others and it can cause your tummy to bleed, so it’s a wound that never quite heals up.’

Speaking of a bout of food poisoning, Dynamo – real name Steven Frayne – continued: ‘I don’t want to sound too disgusting, but with this food poisoning, there was a lot of stuff coming out everywhere. You know like in Family Guy when they vomit? It was like that, but blood.

‘It was 4am and my wife rushed me to hospital. I could tell it was something to do with the Crohn’s, but when I got to hospital the highest dosage of morphine wasn’t even touching the sides. It was the worst feeling I’ve ever had.’

Joking he was high on the medication the doctors had given him, Dynamo faced a five-week stretch in hospital where he came up with ‘loads of crazy magic’.

Following his stay in hospital, Dyanamo then developed reactive arthritis, which saw the steroids and medication prescribed cause him to gain weight.

Laughing off the comments of him being ‘fat’, he said while the outpouring of support ‘spurred’ him on, he added: ‘But it was also quite funny because I never thought I would see in my Instagram comments people calling me fat – I thought it was hilarious because I have always been the skinny kid. I was sending the pig emoji to all of my friends!’

Last week Dynamo revealed his most recent battle as he tested positive for coronavirus, with his medical history placing him in the ‘high-risk’ bracket amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Sharing the news in a video, Dynamo began: ‘Because of my existing health issues, and the fact I’m on immunosuppressive therapy, I’m at high risk.

‘Secondly, although I haven’t had a fever, my symptoms have been quite severe and finally, so that I was able to inform those who I’ve been in contact with so they can make their own relevant precautions. For our Coronavirus live blog click here.

He continued: ‘I’ve had my results back now and unfortunately, I have tested positive for Covid-19. This illness can affect anyone, it doesn’t discriminate and it can present itself in many different ways.’

Dynamo: Beyond Belief launches on Thursday 9 April on Sky One and NOW TV.

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