EastEnders fans convinced Denise and Phil's son Raymond will return as spoilers tease 'life-changing' accident

EASTENDERS fans are convinced Denise Fox and Phil Mitchell's son Raymond will arrive in the Square later this year.

The BBC soap teased a shock coming for Denise that affects another resident in the Square and fans think the youngster will be put into their care despite being adopted three years ago.

Raymond was conceived after a drunken one night stand between Denise and Phil – and neither of them wanted to raise him so they placed him for adoption shortly after his birth.

The official tease reads: "A shocking accident causes Denise’s past to catch up with her which could have life-changing consequences for her and another Albert Square resident."

One fan immediately said it was proof of Raymond's return: "

Imagine if they’ve killed Raymond’s parents so Denise has to take him back? Her and Phil co-parenting, and Ben plotting a 4 year old’s demise as he’s to the back of the queue again."

Another said: "I think the Denise arc could be Raymond related."

The soap will return "with a bang" on September 7 after nearly three months off-air.

Filming – which was paused because of coronavirus restrictions – resumed in Albert Square at the end of June.

Soap bosses have now confirmed when those new episodes – filmed with cast and crew at a social distance – will air.

Executive producer Jon Sen said: "From the moment we turned the lights out in The Queen Vic our ambition was to come back with a bang and this autumn certainly does that.

"As soon as Albert Square reawakens, the drama returns at a pace.

"Although working within social distancing guidelines has certainly given us some new challenges, I am incredibly proud of what everyone has achieved.

"The show is looking fantastic and we can't wait for 'series two' to begin," he said.

The soap will air four nights a week after making its return on BBC One at 8pm on Monday September 7.

Each episode will be 20 minutes long, around 10 minutes shorter than the usual running time.

While off-air, classic episodes and a spin-off featuring Stacey Dooley have been plugging the gap.

EastEnders said that with "things returning to normal for the residents of Walford, that can only mean one thing – drama is set to follow".

Fans will see "friendship rocked when a huge secret is revealed, tragedy for one Albert Square family, trouble brew for the Carters … new love in lockdown" and Stacey Fowler returning.

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