EastEnders fans in fits of laughter as Ben Mitchell takes BRUTAL swipe at Phil's romp with Kat Slater

EASTENDERS fans were in fits of laughter when Ben Mitchell took a BRUTAL swipe at Phil's romp with Kat Slater last night.

The mechanic – played by Max Bowden in the BBC soap – certainly didn't hold back when his dad opened up to him about the latest woman in his life.

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Earlier this week, Ben was left scared for his life when criminal Stas threatened to kill him after finding out that the Mitchell family had been taking the mick out of him behind his back.

And luckily the bad boy managed to squirm his way out of the situation unharmed.

Ben had a suspicion that Sharon had grassed, and was left shocked when Stas revealed that it was Kat who dobbed them in.

During last night's instalment of the soap, Ben – who was completely unaware of his dad's new beau – told Phil who the real culprit was.

"Dad, you know I thought it was Sharon that grassed us up about Stas, well it turns out it was Kat Slater. We've got to sort her out," he told Phil.

A shady Phil replied: "Well theres no harm done is there?"

An angry Ben snapped back: "No harm?! You wouldn't be saying that if you were there yesterday…"

The businessman grabbed his coat and was about to go find her so that he could have a word.

Phil shouted: "No! Don't even think about it."

And a confused Ben asked why he wasn't allowed to go over.

An embarrassed Phil confessed: "Because I'm seeing her…"

Ben laughed in his dad's face and proceeded to take the mick out of him, saying he couldn't understand why he'd chose her.

The mechanic shouted: "Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel, state of it dad!"

And fans of the soap were left in stitches over Ben's words about his new flame.

One wrote on Twitter: "Ben’s reaction when Phil told him about Kat, that’s hilarious #Eastenders."

Another said: "Very funny @bbceastenders tonight! Phil, Kat & Ben! Phil & Kat are one of the most unexpected, surprising pairings in its history. Great reaction from @MaxBowden! “Oh what?!” #Phat #EastEnders."

A third chimed in: "No disrespect to Kat, but Ben’s reaction when he found out about her and Phil was priceless! #EastEnders."

EastEnders fans were also left disgusted when Dotty Cotton tricked Tiffany Butcher into flirting with sleazy punters at the club. 

The student was furious when her pal refused to be a hostess after Keegan voiced his disapproval. 

She tried to get her own way by playing the sympathy card and pretended she was up to her eyeballs in debt.

And viewers couldn't get over her sneaky behaviour.

Next week viewers will see Karen Taylor and Lucas Johnson's new relationship blossom.

However everything is not as it seems because the evil murderer pretends to be someone else during their date.

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