EastEnders horror as Chantelle is forced to DROWN HERSELF by evil husband Gray

EASTENDERS fans are horrified after Chantelle Atkins was forced to drown herself by evil husband Gray.

The hairdresser – who is played by actress Jessica Plummer in the BBC soap – was forced to beg for her life in harrowing scenes tonight.

Viewers know Chantelle is planning to divorce her husband Gray to get away from his vile abuse, and tonight she told Kheerat Panesar about her plans.

He promised to help her fund the divorce, but the conversation meant she was late returning home – and Gray was furious.

In a sickening twist, Gray also discovered evidence that Chantelle was going to divorce him when a pop up advert appeared on his laptop.

And when she returned home he went into a full abusive meltdown and attacked her.

The harrowing scenes saw him lay into her clothes, her life, where she was and he told her that he was going to divorce her and take her children away from her.

Later, while reeling from his threats, Chantelle went for a bath when Gray stormed in. 

She tried to reason with him but he told her that he would provide everything they need and she wouldn’t be involved.

But he did sickeningly offer her one chance to “save their marriage” and chillingly told her: “Two minutes.”

Chantelle was then forced to lower her head under the water where she struggled to stay conscious – while Gray watched over timing her.

Viewers were sickened and left in tears by the scenes, especially with the news that Gray will soon murder Chantelle.

One viewer wrote: "My gosh #eastenders poor Chantelle. what harrowing scenes tonight," while a second said: "This Chantelle/Grey storyline in Eastenders is really rattling me (sic)."

A third added: "It's so painful watching Chantelle suffer. Gray is so disgusting. It's gonna be a hard week. #Eastenders."

And a fourth simply wrote: "Eastenders is actually destroying me… Chantelle."

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