EastEnders spoilers: Phil Mitchell reunites with son Raymond after fatal car crash orphans the toddler

PHIL Mitchell reunites with son Raymond next week in EastEnders after a fatal car crash orphans the toddler. 

Raymond was born in 2017 after Phil had a drunken one night stand with Denise in the BBC One soap.

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Denise then gave Raymond up for adoption after realising she was pregnant – and deciding she was too old to raise a baby.

This week, Denise made the difficult decision to stop visiting Raymond in hospital, after realising she could never risk Phil being part of his life.

But Denise’s sacrifice will be for nothing as next week’s episodes will see Phil become aware of the car crash tragedy. 

The upcoming scenes will see Phil ask Callum to look into the family that adopted Raymond. 

Meanwhile, Thompson tells Callum that the listening device isn’t doing enough – and that he wants him to wear a wire to dig for dirt on Phil. 

Later, Callum tells Phil that he couldn’t find anything about Raymond’s family, but that he’s happy to look into some of his ‘contacts’ if that would help. 

But Phil isn’t interested and heads off to the hospital, where he bonds with Raymond.

Phil then strikes up a conversation with Ellie and lies about who he is and why he’s there. 

Will Ellie discover his real identity as Raymond’s biological dad?

Producer Jon Sen teased there is a ‘great’ storyline in store for Denise, and that it will be connected the arrival of Mica Paris’ character Ellie Nixon.

He told Metro.co.uk: "It really pushes Denise to the front of the show. Those Trueman stories are amazing. Mica forms part of that story with Denise.

"Anybody who knows anything about her history will probably know where we’re going with that. It’s great when the past comes to haunt you."

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