Eight huge Emmerdale spoilers for next week including Paul’s shocking betrayal and Liam's terrifying threat

PAUL Ashdale gambles away Mandy Dingle’s future next week when he steals the deposit for her dream home.

Here’s the lowdown on Paul’s betrayal and everything else that’s happening next week in the Dales…

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1. Belle’s mental health deteriorates

Viewers of the ITV soap know that Nate has turned himself into the police to save Belle after realising the extent of her mental health issues.

But his actions have left Tracy – who’s carrying his baby – devastated at the prospect of him going to prison and threatened to rip the family apart.  

Next week’s episodes of Emmerdale will see Belle upset over the trouble she’s caused to Tracy and Nate. 

And later, it becomes clear she’s hearing voices again.

2. Dawn gets a mysterious call 

Will questions Dawn about where she’s been, but fails to get much of a response. 

Later, Will says some hurtful things to Harriet and pushes her away. 

Meanwhile, viewers will see Dawn receive a call and warn a man named Richard not to try ringing her again. 

3. Will is cold to Harriet

Harriet tells Will that she’s let Laurel know that their wedding is off and that she pretended it was due to money issues, but Will is cold.

Harriet heads off and despairs at being cut out of her own family. 

Later, Harriet panics when Laurel and Nicola reveal they’ve asked around and people are happy to contribute money towards the wedding. 

How will she wriggle her way out of this one?

4. Will punches Jamie

Viewers know that tension has been rising between Jamie and Will, with the mechanic growing irritated at the way Jamie has been treating his employee Dawn. 

Matters were made worse when Jamie discovered the mechanic growing closer to his ex wife. 

And next week viewers will see Will finally snap at Jamie for taunting him and punch him in the face.

Will Jamie retaliate in a furious showdown?

5. Liam threatens Gabby

After discovering that Gabby framed him for sending Meena flowers, Liam will pile on the pressure next week. 

As Gabby squirms, Liam will threaten her over the situation with Leyla. 

But the soap is yet to give away any more details about Liam’s threats, and viewers will have to tune in to find out exactly what he says to the teen. 

6. Nate hides the truth

Tracy opens up to Lydia about her fears that Nate will be sent down as the friends head to Tracy’s scan appointment. 

Later, Nate admits to Lydia that he could be looking at three years in prison, which Tracy is oblivious to. 

Lydia urges Nate to tell Tracy the worst case scenario so she can prepare.

7. Mandy saves up for her dream home

Mandy tells Vinny she’s saved up for her dream home – and that she wants to live there with Paul. 

Viewers will see Vinny grow uneasy at the news, but keep quiet about his new attitude towards Paul following his attack.

But when she breaks the news to Paul, he’s hurt that Mandy won’t trust him to take the money to the bank. 

8. Paul steals the deposit

Fuming, Paul pockets the money and heads off to the bookies. 

But will he lose all of the deposit money – as well as Mandy’s trust?

Mandy later gets a call from the estate agent saying they’ve secured the house. 

But will she realise the cash is missing?

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