Emmerdale spoilers: 9 characters most at risk to die in Emmerdale's storm

The 50th anniversary of Emmerdale is swiftly approaching, and the killer storm is revving up to cause destruction in the Dales. Who will make it out alive, and who’s fate has been sealed?

Using our powers of deduction, a very impressive cake-based trailer and some hints from our good friends at ITV, we’ve compiled a list of all the possible fatalities. So, strap yourself in and get your notepads ready, because we have a lot to get through.

Amelia Spencer (Daisy Campbell)

Amelia has been at the heart of a dramatic teen pregnancy storyline this summer that is set to continue into the anniversary week.

We already know that the youngster will find herself alone and trapped in the middle of the storm, but will these be her final moments?

It has been confirmed that Amelia will go into labour during the storm, leaving her extremely vulnerable. Though a search party is out looking for her, will they get to her before the baby is born?

If we stop and analyse the end of the trailer, we can see that icing-Amelia is laying on the ground among the debris. Could this be symbolism of what’s to come?

Harriet Finch (Katherine Dow Blyton)

While Harriet faces danger from the storm as she searches for Amelia, the wind isn’t her only threat.

Having confessed her feelings for Will, she has angered the beast that is Kim Tate.

With Harriet out searching on a quad bike like the absolute queen that she is, Kim, who is on horseback, obviously, spots the tracks she has left behind and turns to follow them.

Will she use the cover of the storm to finish Harriet off for good?

Kim Tate (Claire King)

We’ve discussed many times the threat that Kim poses to Harriet, but perhaps we’re underestimating the former Vicar. After all, she’s a trained police officer, so she knows how to handle violent and dangerous people.

Could Kim finally be brought down by her latest nemesis?

Harriet actress Katherine Dow Blyton dropped a hint, saying:

‘Something Kim says makes Harriet lose it for a moment. It’s a good confrontation but ultimately who will win?’

Will Taylor (Dean Andrews)

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and we wouldn’t fancy Will’s chances against either Kim or Harriet. Throw a windstorm into the mix and we’ve got ourselves a deadly combination.

It’s possible that Will finds himself in the middle of the warring women and meets his demise by accident. Or perhaps he’ll succumb to the storm, leaving both lovers heartbroken.

Al Chapman (Michael Wildman)

Speaking of characters with two lovers, Al has been juggling relationships with both Kerry and Chas for months now. Could his secret finally be out in the open?

The anniversary trailer shows Al going head-to-head with a furious Cain Dingle. While the pair are no strangers to fighting, could this particular showdown be a result of Al’s adulterous ways.

It has recently been revealed that Chas won’t be present for her mother, Faith Dingle’s death, due to her sordid affair with Al. If Cain found out the truth, we’re sure he would seek revenge.

Will Cain batter Al before the wind gets a chance?

We already know that Michael Wildman will be starring in Panto this year, so could this be the storyline that sees him bow out of the soap?

Kerry Wyatt (Laura Norton)

Both of Al’s partners are set to be injured by flying debris in the storm, and with Al choosing to help Chas, could this be the end for Kerry?

Laura Norton recently announced that she is expecting her second child with ex-Emmerdale star Mark Jordon, so maternity leave is something that the soap will have had to consider.

Will it be a permanent exit as Kerry dies in the storm?

Vanessa Woodfield (Michelle Hardwick)

There’s baby fever on the Emmerdale set at the moment, with Michelle Harwick also expecting a second child. With the baby due this winter, we expect Michelle to be exiting the soap fairly soon.

With sister Tracy making a return to the Dales, there is bound to be some drama ahead.

With a stampede of cows loose in the village, and Vanessa one of three vets around to help out, will there be a tragic cow-related accident?

Rhona Goskirk (Zoe Henry)

Like Vanessa, Rhona is a vet and may be called upon to deal with cow-gate.

With Marlon and Mary concerned when she doesn’t come home, could she be out in the storm alone and in danger?

Liv Flaherty (Isobel Steele)

Isobel Steele has recently been tipped to be leaving Emmerdale, and what better way to go than in true soap fashion: death by windstorm.

A source told The Sun that ‘It’s been a big decision for Isobel but she’s ready to try new things’.

Losing Liv would be a huge blow for the Dingle’s, with Faith’s tragic death still so raw. It would certainly lead to another touching story for the ‘Best Soap Family’.

The trailer

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There are many more characters that are also at risk, judging by the 50th anniversary trailer. Marlon, Charles, Charity, Noah, Naomi, Cain, Vinny, Chas, Nicola, Manpreet and Sam all appear to be in grave danger.

Producer hints

Whoever dies, we can guarantee that they will be much-loved characters, who’s deaths will have a huge impact on both the direction of the show and fans alike.

‘It is always hard to kill a character as someone is losing their job. You don’t want somebody to lose their job.’ Executive producer Jane Hudson explained.

‘But the nature of soaps means if you want to introduce new characters, then you need to lose old ones. If you are going to do a death in the soap, it can’t be the postman who has had three lines because it doesn’t matter.

‘A death has got to have an impact not just on the characters but also on the viewers watching. Each of our deaths will bring a different emotion.’

On the bright side, at least we know the postman is safe.

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