Emmerdale star reveals more drama for Charity as she reverts back to old ways

Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) has been through a lot of heartache in Emmerdale, but there’s a lot more ahead for her, as Kirin Kotecha (Rish Shah) makes a shock return to the eponymous village, and attempts to make her life a living hell.

Viewers will know that Charity has been attempting to adopt Johnny after Vanessa (Michelle Hardwick) requested that she do so earlier this year.

The adoption process has been a difficult one given that Charity has been worried that her troubled past would cause problems, in addition to the fact that she believed she’d need Kirin’s permission in order to carry on with proceedings.

However, she receives word in the coming episodes that she’s passed all the adoption checks, and it’s safe to say she’s delighted.

Speaking about Charity’s joy, actress Emma Atkins said: ‘She is absolutely delighted. She was very apprehensive given her past and previous record with kids etc.

‘She and Sarah were at each other’s throats when the social worker visited, and automatically assumes that won’t bode well. She is subsequently over the moon that she’s won them round.

‘She was anxious the authorities wouldn’t let her officially adopt Johnny. It is a complex process and she knew she would have to jump through hoops and impress them.’

However, Charity’s happiness is short-lived, as Kirin rocks up in the village, and becomes determined to get some cash — and thus blackmails her into getting him what he wants.

Emma continued: ‘She is shocked. He has already seen Priya who warned him off and told him to go. But Kirin is greedy for some fast cash and wants to exhort money from Charity.

‘Charity is actually quite appalled how mercenary he is.  She knows she can be greedy but she’s shocked how desperate he is, which brings out a dark side to Kirin.

‘Ultimately, she knows it’s the only way to get Johnny and she wants that more than anything. She knows she can earn and then pay back the money.. and she feels this is her chance of securing her future as Johnny’s adoptive mum.

‘Initially Priya says she can help her come up with it.  But Al overrules this, so Charity is back to square one. She goes straight to Chas and asks her if she can borrow the money from the safe in the Woolpack, which contains some joint money Charity and Chas have saved, for emergency contingencies.

‘Charity fully intends to pay the money back.. she’s not worried about that. She’s more fixated on getting the money to Kirin before he does another runner.

‘Kirin turns on Charity, and his dark side emerges once again, especially once he knows the police are hot on his heels. All born out of sheer desperation and panic, he knows he has no choice but to run.’

‘Kirin could stop the adoption and has already threatened this several times.  Charity is naturally worried. She desperately wants their adoption dreams to happen.’

Charity has come a long way since her days of criminality and manipulation, but Emma reckons we could see her revert back to these old ways once more — and even suggested we might see her do so sooner than we think.

When discussing whether we could see the character’s penchant for making a quick bit of cash resurface, Emma said: ‘Absolutely. Never say never. I don’t want to give too much away but we see her revert to one of her ‘old’ ways in this story.’


‘It’s always a joy to film stuff where my character is pushed to her limits and is under pressure from all sides.

‘There is lots of drama to come for my character, and I’m looking forward to playing it all out. Watch this space.’

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