Emmerdale's fans spot blunder as Tracy Metcalfe only went to hospital for injured wrist – but finds out she's pregnant

EMMERDALE fans have been left confused over scenes which saw Tracy Metcalfe go into hospital for an injured wrist – only to find out she's pregnant.

Tracy (Amy Walsh) was clearly in shock as she learnt the news alongside boyfriend Nate Robinson (Jurell Carter).

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The soap twist came when Tracy was asked to give a urine sample by medical staff, before she could have an X-ray for her wrist.

One viewer tweeted their surprise and said: "Why has Tracey been asked for a urine sample when she's got a broken wrist?"

Another commented: "Since when do you get a urine test for a sprained wrist or broken wrist in A&E, only on #Emmerdale"

"Why the f*** do they need a urine test for an X-ray it makes no sense #emmerdale," said a third.

Others were quick to point out that the measure would have been taken to protect any unborn baby.

A fan reflected: "I’m assuming Tracy needed to do a urine test before an x ray because radiation could be dangerous to a smol fetus (sic)?"

The NHS does recommend women are checked for pregnancy before certain types of X-rays can emit higher levels of radiation, which could harm the foetus.

Tracy and Nate only decided to make their relationship official in March, so this news will have certainly been unexpected – especially as they had been taking precautions.

Speaking about Tracy’s surprise, Amy Walsh told RadioTimes.com: “Her first reaction is total shock.

“She’s on the pill, they think they’ve been careful so it does come as a massive surprise. Her and Nate have not been together that long so they are both in shock at first!”

Fans know that Tracy was embroiled in a dramatic storyline when she aborted David Metcalfe's baby as revenge for him cheating on her with Maya.

Speaking about how the news brings back unpleasant memories, Amy added: “Going through that with David was something she never envisaged but she knew it was the right thing to do at the time.

“The thought of doing it again is inconceivable to her, and soon after she learns she’s pregnant by Nate she thinks having an abortion is not an option. It still lives with her every day."

The actress continued: “This time she has grown up a lot and is stronger and independent, and almost feels like she could do it alone if she had to. Tracy has always wanted to be a mum one day, but didn’t think it would happen like this."

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