Excited Ant & Dec belt out Saturday Night Takeaway theme tune ahead of first show of series

EXCITED Ant & Dec have belted out the Saturday Night Takeaway theme tune ahead of first show of series.

Former popstars Ant and Dec were seen recreating a spoof music video as they sung along to the catchy tune.

Ant opens the clip singing: "I just can't wait till Saturday."

The video shows Ant in various comedy costumes including clutching bananas and wearing a snorkel.

In another sequence he looks like a member of Men in Black as he nods along to the tune.

Dec, looking dapper in a three-piece suit, jumps in and bops along.

Dec then commands fireworks as the magical effect pops up in the background behind him.

The duo, both 45, are no stranger to a jingle after they shot to fame with their rap Let's get Ready to Rhumble back in 1994.

Their award winning show Saturday Night Takeaway is returning this weekend and the first look shows Harry and Jamie Redknapp "losing the plot" in a hysterical Get Out Of Me Ear.

The game involves the presenting duo speaking into a celebrity's concealed earpiece to give them various tasks to do in front of members of the public.

The father-son ex-footballers headed undercover for a meeting with a transport manager for their recycling firm.

Ant and Dec try to get Harry and Jamie to bring the manager into their restaurant project – but they begin to speak in football puns.

Harry was told to say: "If we try and get you from the firm you're with now, do you think they'll be a transfer fee involved or?"

However, the comment sent Jamie over the edge – and he spit out his tea.

He says: "No dad, that's not how it works! If we're going to do this business, it's not how it works."

"So you're a free transfer?" Harry says to their guest.

Jamie keeps laughing and says: "He has to equate everything to football. It's the only way we can do it with him."

But Harry continues: "If we had to pay a fee, what would we be talking? A couple of million? Two million?"

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