Family 'Haunted' in Home Where Jaws Child Star Was Murdered 32 Years Ago

“I didn’t sleep last night at all. I felt like someone was watching me,” the daughter revealed.

A family that moved into the house where a child star was murdered is getting a home makeover to have a "fresh, clean start."

In 2001, the Bernal family moved into a Canoga Park, California residence, which happened to be the location of a gruesome double homicide/suicide 13 years prior when Jozsef Barsi shot and killed his 10-year-old daughter, Judith, and wife, Maria, before soaking their bodies in gasoline, setting them on fire and fatally shooting himself in the garage, according to the New York Times.

Judith starred in 1987’s "Jaws IV: The Revenge" and had stints on TV shows such as "Punky Brewster" and numerous commercials.

"When we first moved in, we didn’t know anything about the house," Gaby Bernal, who was ten at the time the family moved in, revealed on Wednesday’s episode of Quibi’s "Murder House Flip."

A neighbor eventually told them about the horrific history of the home.

"The night that he did it, he came home drunk," Gaby detailed. "His wife was trying to divorce him at the time and take the little girl with her. She was like the money maker. If he can’t have her, no one can."

"They died with so much anger, maybe that’s still here," she mused, while her father, Francisco, added, "The house had the bad energy when we moved in."

Gaby sleeps in the same bedroom where Judith was murdered, and said it has affected her immensely.

"I didn’t sleep last night at all. I felt like someone was watching me," she admitted. "Stuff like that makes it very real and scary and very unsettling."

To this day, Gaby said she can’t sleep facing the bedroom window, or "really look out the window at all," as Judith was shot in the head while sleeping with her face towards the window.

Gaby’s room is even littered with dream catchers to help with her recurring nightmares. She said she doesn’t like talking about it because "it’s really scary."

But the haunting appeared to begin as soon as the Bernal’s set up camp.

"I started having an imaginary friend named Joseph," Gaby confessed. "He would open and close the garage door when my dad would come home and turn off and on the lights."

"We came to find out the killer’s name was actually Joseph," she added, noting the family still feels the presence of Joseph in the house.

"Sometimes I feel like someone is behind me when I walk down the hallway," confessed the father. The mother, Ruth, explained in Spanish that she hears footsteps as well.

The parents said they were upset it has affected their daughter so much and were elated when the "Murder House Flip" crew came in to help them.

"You can just tell there’s so much love in this house, but at the same time this house has taken an extreme toll on Gaby and her family," explained designer Mikel Welch.

"The way things line up with this story is really eerie," added designer Joelle Uzyel. "There’s clearly some bad energy trapped inside this house."

The pair then took to a transformative renovation for the home, knocking out the window in Gaby’s bedroom to let "light and good energy in," creating an inviting backyard space and brightening up the hallway with new fixtures and fresh paint.

The third episode of this series will reveal the full makeover when "Murder House Flip" returns next Wednesday.

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