Gambian man, 32, marries 68-year-old tourist after she sent him £54,000

A Gambian man has found love after a string of relationships with old women, with a startling documentary revealing how he has married a 68-year-old Belgian woman.

The Channel 4 documentary Sex on the Beach, which aired on Tuesday night, delves into the sex tourism trade in The Gambia where elderly British women fly in to look for young locals to have sex with.

Alka, 32, said the holidaymakers have often broken his heart by having sex with him before quickly jetting back to their own country.

In one clip from the show, he tells journalist Seyi Rhodes: "I'm looking for a good relationship. It's an opportunity."

The local then talks about his current girlfriend, Francoise, and says: "The one I have right now… is more than 85 years old.

"I do everything with her. It's nice to be nice." Later in the show, Alka corrects himself to say his lover is actually 68.

Alka stresses that he never asks for money but his future wife has given him €60,000 (£54,000).

Asked what he gives in return, he says: "Happiness. Yeah I do [have sex with her]. She is my woman."

He uses the money to buy land so that he can build their dream house in the country.

Francoise also sends Alka €300 (£273) "food money" every month and says she feels like a "newborn baby" with a second chance at life.

At the end of the episode, Alka has got married and sends Seyi a clip of their wedding ceremony.

Both Francoise and Alka look incredibly lovely and happy as they read out their vows in front of Alka's family.

The bride has since spent six months in the country building the new house with her new husband.

In a video interview, Alka revealed that Francoise is actually 68 years old, not 85 years old.

He adds: "Maybe I forgot what I told you. In Gambia, we don't care about ages.

"It's just a number, you know. Age is just a number."

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