Giggly Holly Willoughby reveals amazing trick for opening a banana on This Morning

HOLLY Willoughby amazed This Morning viewers today with her trick for opening a banana – from the wrong end.

The 39-year-old presenter left many impressed as she revealed a way of unpeeling the fruit without any white stringy bits.

Pointing to the end with the stalk, she said: "We all peel it from that end. You're actually meant to peel it from this end.

"It peels off much easier and you don't get those white strings. It peels them the other way.

"That's how the animals do it. Only humans eat it that way round – animals all eat it from that end."

Chef Phil Vickery, 59, looked on impressed, saying: "They're not silly are they?"

However, Holly's co-host Phillip Schofield, 58, tried to pour cold water on the trick, insisting there was a white string hanging off the banana.

Laughing, Holly replied: "Look over there, look over there."

The star is no stranger to performing with a banana, seductively eating one during a 2018 appearance on Celebrity Juice.

Host Keith Lemon tasked the panellists to eat the fruit in the most erotic way possible when she was a team captain on the ITV2 gameshow.

This Morning's fans piled onto Twitter to say they'd been opening bananas from the 'wrong' end – the top – their whole lives.

However, predictably, there were plenty of others who were just pleased to see Holly Willoughby with a banana because of the opportunity for cheeky innuendos.

Even Phillip joined in, laughing: "I want to see what you do with that banana, Holly."

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