Gogglebox star pays tribute to frontline nurse daughter in the most amazing way

Gogglebox star Julie Malone, whose daughter is working as an intensive care nurse on the frontline, is giving back to the NHS in the most amazing way.

Julie and the rest of the Malone family are among the Gogglebox stars who will be auctioning off self-portraits of them on their sofas, to help raise money for NHS nurses.

And while in lockdown, the Channel 4 cast have been busy getting creative and making self-portraits to be auctioned off for Cavell Nurses’ Trust, which is raising funds for nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants during the coronavirus outbreak,

Speaking about the auction and her daughter, Julie began: ‘As a mother of a paediatric intensive care nurse, I really enjoyed getting involved with this project.

‘We really appreciate all the work the Cavell Nurses’ Trust do for nurses and healthcare workers and we would like to thank them from the bottom of our hearts.’

Along with the Malone family, the other Gogglebox stars that are getting involved are besties Lee Riley and Jenny Newby, Ellie and Izzie Warner, Dave and Shirley, Pete and Sophie, as well as Mary and Giles.

Giles, who is an artist himself added: ‘This one is especially rare as I normally paint landscapes or interiors where there is room for less exactitude than in portraiture.’

His partner Mary continued: ‘Paintings by Giles have a rarity value because it’s difficult to drag him away from his one-acre wildlife garden. Yet, he rose to the challenge anyway because of the exceptional work done by the Cavell Nurses’ Trust which we both want to support.’

The show’s executive producer Tania Alexander who was behind the genius idea explained why they wanted to do it.

She said: ‘The work that Cavell Nurses’ Trust does is incredibly valuable. They offer real and tangible support to the nursing profession, and they’re doing that right now at what is such a crucial time.

‘I think I speak for the entire Gogglebox cast and crew when I say that we are grateful to them and to the clinical care profession as a whole.

‘This painting project for the prize draw is our way of trying to say thank you. We hope it helps raise awareness and funds simultaneously, so please do buy a ticket.’

The Sofa Self-Portrait Prize Draw will take place from Friday until June 5. Entry costs £3 a person and the winners will be picked at random. All proceeds will go to the Trust.

Merchandise is also available to buy. There are three designs of the Nurses Rock t-shirt, which cost £9.99. They have been created by Mark Stredwick and Paloma Faith has been seen wearing one of the designs.

You can enter the auction here.

Gogglebox returns on Friday at 9pm on Channel 4.

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