Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron Talk About Him "Scratching" His Balls in Paparazzi Pics

As literally the entire world knows because they cannot stop creating content, Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron are currently quarantining together in Florida. And naturally everyone thinks they’re dating again due to the fact that they can’t stop flirting and seem to be sharing a bed. And apparently the paparazzi down there are pretty interested in their ‘ship, because photos of Tyler and Hannah on the beach were popping up online for a while—and they just chatted about them on camera. Which, um, lead to Tyler announcing that scratching his balls is his safe space.

“The paparazzis have hit me with the worst shots,” Tyler said in a video. “Like, the last one, they got me like this, fixing my nose. The one before they got me digging at my balls. Like y’all gotta put a good one out there.”

Hannah’s response? “Yeah but you always do touch your genitals and you’re always scratching your balls,” to which Tyler went ahead and replied “It’s my place where I feel safe.”

Truly, no words. But I’d also like to point out that the way Tyler and Hannah are looking at each other in this video is precious. Anyone who thinks they don’t have a vibe is out of their damn mind.

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