Happy Anniversary, Golden Girls! A Guide to Living the Golden Life

Have Wicker

It’s fresh, it’s organic and it’s mandatory for any proper Miami home. In Blanche’s (Rue McClanahan) pad, where Dorothy (Bea Arthur), Rose (Betty White) and Sophia (Estelle Getty) lived, the Girls sat around discussing their dates on floral wicker furniture — which got on Sophia’s nerves. “Enough wicker!” she once yelled.

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Pad Your Shoulders

Miami, Miami, you’ve got style, as the Girls sang — and they weren’t lying! Pastel pantsuits and flowing caftans are essential for a Miami Girl-about-town, but you’re never fully dressed without your shoulder pads.

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Sophia never went anywhere — not even the bedroom! — without her straw bag. And Dorothy definitely took after Mom: Who doesn’t remember her go-to slouchy boots?

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Stay Close to Your Roots

No matter where you move, hometown loyalty prevails. Rose and Sophia never hesitated to share an anecdote about the gentle Minnesota hamlet of St. Olaf (pictured, during the Girls’ visit) or the tough times in Sicily. For extra emphasis, add a catchphrase — just saying “Picture it: Sicily, 1922” will get every ear (or eye roll) in the room.

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Always Be Ready for Guests

Keep the wicker dust-free and the fake flowers fresh because you never know who could drop by! At the Girls’ residence at 6151 Richmond Street, they saw a parade of high-profile visitors, from Burt Reynolds to President Bush.

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Have a Sanctuary

Everyone needs a place to get away from it all — the drama just happens to follow. The Girls often retreated to the lanai, where the tiled deck set the stage for heartfelt conversations and stolen kisses. (Remember Dorothy’s steamy smooch with Rose’s beau Miles? Bet that never happened in St. Olaf!)

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Snack Well

Forget chips and late-night fast food runs. When you’re hungry at midnight, chow down on cheesecake. As the Girls knew, a little whipped heaven could help end a fight or remedy any bad date. Coffee optional.

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Be Bitchy

It’s okay to let your claws out. Sophia called Blanche a “50-year-old mattress!” Dorothy told Rose, “You look fat” — after Rose had told Dorothy her date wasn’t interested in her. The Girls kept each other sharp, so if you really want to be Golden, have your best catty one-liner ready, or it’s off to the home for you.

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