Harley Quinn Series Will Head In A Pretty Obvious Direction, If Season 3 Happens

The outlandish and brash–yet hilarious–Harley Quinn series on DC Universe and HBO Max wrapped up Season 2 back in June. And so far, there has been no announcement of Season 3. However, during DC FanDome, there was some information about where this show will head.

Consider this your warning for spoilers. At the end of Season 2, Poison Ivy and Kite Man didn’t go through with their wedding–and a Commissioner Gordon infiltrating the wedding is the catalyst to that break up–and in the fallout, Harley Quinn and Ivy kissed, and Ivy confessed her feelings for Quinn.

So where do you go next? The answer is pretty obvious. “We want to focus on Harley and Ivy’s relationship,” explained executive producer Justin Halpern during the Harley Quinn panel. “And I’m less, personally, interested in if the Joker gets a new girlfriend than I am of ‘let’s explore this relationship we’ve spent two seasons building.'”

Of course, the show would have to get picked up for a third season for that to happen, and supervising producer Jennifer Coyle could only respond with “I hope so.”

So time will tell if the animated series comes back for a Season 3. However, just because the focus may be on Ivy and Quinn as a couple, that doesn’t mean it’s not going to be ultra-violent, over-the-top, and downright hilarious–with enough cussing to make your mama blush.

And speaking of Season 3, during the DC FanDome event, it was revealed that Doom Patrol is coming back for a third year. However, it won’t be on DC Universe. The show is going to be exclusive to HBO Max.

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