How old is Wendy Williams?

WENDY Williams is known for her brash on-air personality and her wild controversial comments and hot takes.

The Wendy Williams Show has been on the air for 13 years.

How old is Wendy Williams?

Williams was born in Ashbury Park, New Jersey on July 18, 1964.

The 56-year-old was a radio DJ and host who quickly rose to fame in New York.

Then in 2008, she began her television career when The Wendy Williams Show premiered on July 14.

When the show first aired, The New York Times described the show as a "breakthrough in daytime" by introducing the genre of the "backtalk show."

Is Wendy Williams married?

Williams was married to Kevin Hunter from 1999- 2020 when it was revealed that he had an affair.

It came to light in 2019 Kevin reportedly fathered a child with his longtime mistress, Sharina Hudson, and Williams "plotted to divorce" him after his longtime mistress gave birth.

She said in 2019: “I never thought that I would be in this position. I’m a very forgiving person, but there’s one thing that I could never be a part of, and that one thing happened.”

She branded him a "serial cheat" and claimed to have known about his extramarital activities with the woman "for almost 15 years of our marriage."

The former couple share son Kevin Hunter Jr. who was born on August 18, 2000.

Williams describes him as their "hard-won child" after she went through multiple miscarriages before she was able to have a child.

She said in 2015: "I fought tooth and nail to be a mother. I suffered several miscarriages including two at five months."

Kevin Jr ended up in a physical altercation with his namesake father on one occasion in May 2019, after he was upset by Kevin Sr allegedly asking his mother for spousal support.

Kevin Sr reportedly "put his son in a headlock", while his son "punched him in the nose to break the hold".

The 20-year-old was arrested for the assault, despite his father insisting:"I love my son very much and I will not be pursuing this matter legally."

What is Wendy Williams' net worth?

Williams earns millions of dollars a year from books she's written, endorsements, and her popular daytime television show.

It is believed that Wendy Williams has a net worth of about $40million.

Her salary for the Wendy Williams show is $10million a year, or $55,000 an episode, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

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