I'm A Celebrity 2021 – Naughty Boy stunned as he's chosen for ANOTHER trial after singing challenge with Frankie Bridge

I'M A Celebrity's Naughty Boy was gobsmacked as he's voted for ANOTHER trial after tonight's stomach-churning Bushtucker Trial.

The music producer and popstar Frankie Bridge took on Castle Scary-oke, as they downed revolting drinks at the castle camp's karaoke bar.

They successfully managed to bring back 10 stars out of 11 – leaving their fellow campmates thrilled with tonight's feast.

At the end of tonight's instalment Ant and Dec revealed which celebrity had been voted for the next challenge, Gruesome Gargoyles.

It came down to Naughty Boy and Matty Lee – with the Geordie duo revealing that both contestants would face the trial together.

While the rest of his campmates laughed as Naughty Boy's name was revealed, the musician looked far from impressed.

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  • Shan Ally


    THE I’M A Celebrity campmates will be secretly given handwarmers after their return to the castle.

    Bosses tasked production staff with finding quick-heating ‘beanbags’, which will be hidden in hessian sacks so they blend into the background of the Grade I listed ruins.

    A source said: “Bosses know this is a programme where there’s an expectation from the viewers that the celebs aren’t in a holiday camp.

    “But equally they have a duty of care to them, particularly the older, more vulnerable contestants.

    “Not everyone will choose to use a heater, but they are there if they are wanted.”

    News of the hand-warmers come after we told of the castle’s secret supply of hot water to keep the campers happy.

  • Shan Ally

    Who is Snoochie Shy?

    Snoochie Shy is a 29-year-old DJ, model and presenter.

    Snoochie Shy also known as  ‘Cheyenne Davide’ was born on June 13, 1992, in London.

    Snoochie is very active on her social media, which is expected given her roles at MTV and BBC Radio 1 XTRA.

    Shy hosts the breakfast show on Radar Radio and in 2017 she became a resident presenter for fashion brand Missguided.

    She joined the BBC 1Xtra team and became a host on YO MTV raps.

  • Shan Ally

    Viewers shocked by Frankie Bridge’s very X-rated gift

    Viewers were left gobsmacked after Frankie Bridge revealed a very X-rated gift she gave to husband Wayne.

    The 32-year-old star told her fellow campmates that she got her hubby a cast of her perky posterior.

    After re-entering the castle on Tuesday following Storm Arwen, the contestants were getting reacquainted and the topic of conversation took a cheeky turn.

    The Saturdays popstar revealed that she got the personalised gift made after her husband joked that he wanted a cast of her bum.

    Frankie said: "I got Wayne a cast of my a**.

    Kadeena Cox replied: "Did he appreciate it?"

    "Yeah, he used to say it as a joke back when he was playing football and he used to say, I just want a cast of your a**.

    "So one year I was like fine."

  • Shan Ally

    I'm a Celeb fans praise Louise for being a 'diamond lady'

    After last night’s Bushtucker Trial, Frankie Bridge returned to the camp in tears after an emotional challenge.

    The Saturday’s star faced her fears and excelled as she and Naughty Boy managed to bring back 10 stars for camp.

    However, it all got too much for Frankie and she was left feeling overwhelmed.

    Louise raced to comfort the popstar, with several fans pointing out how “caring” the BBC Breakfast star's response was.

    One wrote: “What a kind and caring person @louiseminchin is #imaceleb #teamlouise.”

    Another shared: “How lovely and caring is Louise, absolute diamond lady.”

    A third posted: “Brilliant and real @louiseminchin.”

  • Shan Ally

    Corrie's Amy Barlow actress Elle Mulvaney supports onscreen dad Simon Gregson on I'm a Celeb

    Coronation Street legend Simon Gregson's onscreen daughter Elle Mulvaney has thrown her support behind her TV dad.

    Elle – who plays teenager Amy Barlow on the ITV soap – shared a sweet message of support on social media.

    During an Instagram Q&A, a fan asked if she was watching I'm a Celebrity.

    Alongside a photo of the actress posing for a mirror selfie, she replied: "Yes. Supporting @fat_dracula obviously."

    Super cute!

  • Shan Ally

    Love Island's Scott Thomas wants to see pal Danny Miller 'squirm'

    Love Island's Scott Thomas is desperate to see his mate Danny Miller "cry" and "squirm" in trials.

    The reality star has urged fans to vote for the Emmerdale actor for the upcoming Bushtucker trials.

    Speaking on Instagram, he said: "I've been told he's been made a deputy, we need to start getting him on some of the challenges, let's start voting.

    "We need to see him squirm, we need to see him cry, the guy is scared of everything.

    "Sack Naughty Boy, let's get Danny on the challenges."

  • Shan Ally

    Plane flies over the castle with huge banner saying ‘Danny Miller to win’

    I'm a Celeb crew were thrown into a panic today after a plane flew over Gwrych Castle with a huge banner that said "Danny Miller to win".

    Fans of the Emmerdale star organised the prank but thankfully the celebs inside the castle in North Wales were non-the-wiser.

    A source told The Sun: "Nobody has any idea who was behind the prank, but fortunately the campmates were inside the castle and didn't see it.

    "It's part of the show that they're cut off from the outside world and don't have any idea who is popular with viewers – it was a close call."

  • Shan Ally

    Simon's 'miniscule crime'

    The Corrie actor revealed that he has smuggled in salt and pepper in a toothpaste tube.

    He claimed it was to help "lift the mood of the fellow campmates".

    The TV star joked that it was simply a "miniscule crime" and he should be considered a "hero".

    But Ant and Dec told viewers that there will be consequences.

  • Shan Ally

    Naughty Boy’s SHOCK confession

    The music producer said that he only had £10 in his bank account when he appeared on Channel 4 gameshow  Deal or No Deal in 2007.

    He quit his job working in pizza chain Dominos and met TV legend Noel Edmonds.

    At the age of 23, Naughty Boy revealed that he won £44,000 in a moment that changed his life forever.

    He gave £15,000 to his parents and used the rest of the prize monet to build a shed studio.

    Shortly after he met superstar Emeli Sandé at a showcase in London – he went up to her and asked her to jump in his car to "play some beats”.

    Naughty added: “Deal or No Deal gave me the confidence to speak to people and to be myself, you don’t realise what it will do for you."

  • Shan Ally

    New roles shake up the camp

    Chores were assigned by camp leader David Ginola and his deputy Danny Miller today.

    Only the assigned campmate would be able to carry out those duties.

    Camp chefs – Kadeena and Naughty Boy

    Camp maintenance – Simon, Adam and Matty

    Camp cleaners – Arnele and Snoochie Shy

    Washing up – Frankie and Louise

  • Shan Ally

    Who is Kadeena Cox?

    Kadeena Cox began sprinting competitively just aged 15 years old and went on to run 100m in under 12 seconds as an able-bodied athlete.

    A stroke in 2014 led to her being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. She had a burning sensation in her arm which worsened to tingling and then numbness in the whole arm and across her body, including both legs.

    However, despite the MS affecting her movement, Kadeena maintained her passion for running – and even discovered a second passion for cycling.

    Eventually the 30-year-old set her sights on achieving Paralympic glory in both sports.

  • Shan Ally

    'I won't vote for you to do an eating challenge,' says Wayne Bridge

    Frankie Bridge's footie star husband has praised his wife for "smashing" the Bushtucker Trial tonight.

    After sharing his excitement earlier in the day, he settled in to watch Frankie take on Castle Scary-oke.

    Sharing a halirious reaction video, Wayne was left in hysterics as his wife faced her fears in the stomach-churching challenge.

    He later added: "She's done so well, I can't believe it. The fussiest eater and drinker I know and she absolutely smashed it.

    "I have laughed a lot but I really felt bad when I see the tears – she obviously found it really hard, so it was a bit of a hard watch.

    "I did not vote for you to do the challenge, I promise I won't vote for you to do any kind of eating challenge after I see how emotional you were afterwards.

    "I won’t vote for her to do an eating challenge because I saw how tough it was. She’s done one and that’s enough.”

  • Shan Ally

    Which campmates are doing the next Bushtucker Trial?

    Naughty Boy and Matty Lee have been voted to take on the next trial, Gruesome Gargoyles.

    Ant and Dec revealed that both contestants would face the trial together.

    Will Naughty and Matty be able to get a full house?

  • Shan Ally

    Who is Arlene Phillips?

    SHE'S best known for her work as a judge on Strictly Come Dancing but there's so much more to Arlene Phillips than that.

    The star is one of the country's best choreographers, and reportedly landed a gig as one of the judges on Dancing On Ice 2022.

    On October 5, 2021 The Sun exclusively revealed how Arlene is in advance talks to replace John Barrowman on DOI.

    The gig would see her returning to prime-time TV for the first time since the BBC axed her from Strictly in 2009.

    Arlene is not married but she has been in a long-term relationship with partner Angus Ion since 1985.

    Arlene Phillips has two children; daughter Alana from her first marriage, and Abi from her relationship with Ion.

  • Shan Ally


    I'M A Celebrity viewers are all saying the same thing after Danny Miller revealed he watched David Ginola sleeping.

    The two have taken on the role of the Lords of the castle and are currently sharing a bed together.

    After their first night together the soap star couldn't contain his excitement about sharing a bed, and even confessed he watched the footballer sleep.

    One joked: "The next season of You but it’s Danny and David."

    A second said: "Danny calm down you are getting over exited about David."

    "This is getting quite disturbing now Danny," a third added.

  • Shan Ally

    Wail of a time

    I'M A Celebrity viewers were all saying the same thing tonight as Naughty Boy and Frankie Bridge murdered a string of pop hits while doing a sickening singing trial.

    Both stars have made a career creating catchy hit music but viewers expected more vocal ability from the pair tonight.

    Reflecting on the pair's performance, one fan said: "Frankie struggling with the singing at much as the drinking…."

    Another wrote: "So naughty boy is a music producer??? Sounds like me singing in the friggin shower."

    A third said: "Omg the singing is awful @imacelebrity would of expected more!"

  • Shan Ally

    Dan in the dumps

    I'M A Celebrity's Danny Miller revealed he was snubbed by an England footballing legend as a child.

    The footy mad Emmerdale actor had a chance meeting with Michael Owen as a youngster and took the moment to ask him for a picture.

    But the Liverpool striker wasn't having it and declined, leaving little Danny gutted.

    The soap star said Michael hadn't had a good game and was likely down about it – but that didn't do much to soften the blow.

    It came as he spoke of his joy at sharing a bed with his footballing hero David Ginola after they were voted camp leaders.

  • Shan Ally

    I’m A Celebrity fans fear Naughty Boy will walk

    I'M A Celebrity fans fear that Naughty Boy will walk after he begged viewers not to vote for him in the next trial.

    The music producer, 40, and Frankie Bridge, 32, took part in tonight's bushtucker trial Castle Scary-oke.  

    But now viewers are worried that he might quit because it could push him over the edge.

    One wrote on Twitter: "Who thinks Naughty Boy will threaten to walk again tonight."

    A second said: "naughty boys face lol he will walk."

    "Odds on Naughty Boy threatening to walk again after he does the trial on tomorrows episode," a third chimed in.

  • Shan Ally

    Gruesome gargoyles

    It came down to Naughty Boy and Matty – with Ant and Dec revealing that both contestants would face the next trial together.

  • Shan Ally

    Simon's 'miniscule crime'

    The Corrie actor revealed that he has smuggled in salt and pepper in a toothpaste tube.

    He claimed it was to help "lift the mood of the fellow campmates".

    The TV star joked that it was simply a "miniscule crime" and he should be considered a "hero".

    But Ant and Dec told viewers that there will be consequences.

  • Shan Ally

    The camp are treated to venison sausages and the contestants go wild – but David's not happy

    David wants to get involved in the cooking but is not allowed, leaving him feeling a little deflated.

  • Shan Ally

    Frankie’s tears

    Frankie broke down in tears after returning to the camp.

    The popstar said that she was motivated to carry on drinking the revolting drinks as she didn’t want to let her fellow campmates down.

    The Saturdays star was comforted by BBC Breakfast star Louise Minchin.

    Frankie previously revealed that she has a fear of vomiting.

  • Shan Ally

    10 stars out of 11 – well one Frankie and Naughty Boy!

  • Shan Ally

    But Naughty Boy still had some fight left in him and took on blended fermented soya beans.

    Within a matter of seconds, Naughty drank the entire contents!

  • Shan Ally

    Frankie has reached her limit and was forced to pass on her final drink.

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