Inside Chloe Ferry's amazing home gym with weight rack, treadmill and very own squat rack that needs to be built

CHLOE Ferry can work up a sweat in the comfort of her very own home gym – equipped with everything she needs to let off some steam.

The Geordie Shore star, 24, has totally transformed her body over the past year – going from 11 stone seven pounds, to nine stone nine pounds and she puts it down to her strict exercise regime and eating healthy.

The reality star has completely changed her life around and regularly keeps her fans up to date with her daily work outs and what she eats during the day to keep slim.

After calling time on her relationship with ex Sam Gowland, Chloe moved into her gorgeous new pad, and has gone on to create the perfect space to pump some iron and work up a sweat.

Her very own gym is located at the side of her stunning Newcastle home, in her garage, and is kitted out with everything that she needs to achieve her fitness goals.

Chloe has her own tread mill, weight rack, and she's even just bought herself a brand new squat rack which is yet to be put up.

Earlier this morning she decided to show off her gym on her Instagram story with her 3.4m followers.

She explained: "Since I've been gone I've had this put up, which I'm really excited about because I've got all my different weights now because I need heavier ones because I'm squatting a lot heavier now."

The beauty then panned the camera over at some cardboard boxes scattered all over the floor and added: "There's me squat rack. That looks very complicated to put up, but yeah I can't wait to get back to training.

"You know when you just feel in yourself that you've put weight on, I can feel my legs when I'm walking, they start rubbing together."

Chloe has just returned to the UK after living her best life in Dubai while on holiday with her ex Sam.

The Geordie lass certainly enjoyed her trip away and ate whatever she wanted, making the most of all-inclusive buffets, and even ate five breakfasts in one sitting.

She asked fans on social media: "Is anyone else like me? Before you go on holiday you train a little bit and eat healthily because you want to feel confident in a bikini.

"So I've got on holiday and tried to be as healthy as I can. That hasn’t happened. When you go to an all inclusive…

"Five breakfasts I had this morning. Omelettes, croissants, French toast, even a f*****g hash brown. I had the cheek to have a hash brown.

"My diet is out the window. Out the window.

"It's really funny. I’ll complain about it, that I feel bloated, I don’t feel great, but then do the exact same thing the next day.

"I’ll have five breakfasts again. I don’t help myself to be honest." 

Chloe recently claimed that all her sexy pictures are "all about the angles," as she opened up about her weight gain on holiday.

She told her followers: "I'm not going to beat myself up about it, cause when you go on holiday you don't really think about what you're eating, you're drinking and stuff.

"So when I get home I'm gonna work hard and start to feel better.

"And remember guys its all about them angles because I know when you're scrolling down Instagram, you're not feeling your best, and see all them sexy girls – it's all about the angles."

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