Jeremy Clarkson tells crushed Harry Redknapp hes won nothing in WWTBAM prank

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Harry Redknapp was royally stitched up by son Jamie as his crushed dad appeared on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?.

The brilliant wind-up was filmed for their Sky One show Redknapps' Big Night Out.

But Harry had no idea, thinking he had signed up for a celebrity version of the show looking to earn some quick cash for charity.

The studio fell silent as host Jeremy Clarkson sent the legendary football manager home empty handed.

His Phone a Friend was son Jamie, standing just outside the studio.

Jeremy could be heard on the call telling the Sky Sports pundit that his dad was letting himself down and need some help.

Luckily, the third question was about him.

"Former England footballer Jamie Redknapp played his first game as Liverpool captain against which club?" the host told him.

He told Harry: "Dad don't worry, all good. It's Arsenal. You can relax – go and win loads of money."

Harry looked happy with his help after a very slow start to the ITV quiz show.

Then, disaster struck.

Jeremy told him: "It's the wrong answer. It's Sheffield Wednesday. You're leaving with nothing.

"I've never said that before to any contestant I've ever had on in four years. Oh dear."

Harry struggled for words.

Eventually he replied and looked close to breaking point as he muttered: "You're kidding, oh my god."

Then Jamie burst in and revealed it was all just a big prank and the ex footballer couldn't stop laughing as he arrived on set.

"Oh no, no…" Harry said and his son giggled away.

Jamie said: "Jeremy, that was brilliant. Dad, can I be your phone a friend again?"

Redknapp's Big Night Out is on Thursdays on Sky One.

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