Joe Exotic's husband Dillon is living his best life: Inside the star's Instagram

Netflix’s new docuseries Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness had us gripped from the get-go with its wild subject matter and colourful personalities.

Joe Exotic’s love life was a big part of the series and we were introduced to the many relationships from his polygamous marriage to John Finlay and Travis Maldonado to his most recent husband Dillon Passage.

The two were married in a small, strange ceremony with ex-husband Travis’s mother in attendance.

In the seventh and final episode of the rollercoaster of a documentary, Dillon and Joe are still together despite Joe serving a 22-year jail sentence for murder-for-hire and wildlife charges.

And from Dillon’s Instagram page, he’s having the time of his life considering the circumstances.

The Florida resident is doing what most 20-something people do, hanging out with friends at the beach and going to clubs.

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Badass weekend on the river 🤙🏽

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What is he up to now?

From the looks of it, Dillon is spending time with his large group of friends.

Cracking open a cold one with the boys in ‘gator infested rivers is already the most Florida thing we can imagine.

Dillon uploaded a series of pictures of him and his friends, thanking them for the constant support.

He and his friends were pictured with alligator-shaped floaties, parties with friends and many tie-dye shirts.

Is he still with Joe Exotic?

Exotic – real name Joseph Allen Maldonado-Passage – is nowhere to be found on Dillon’s Instagram page.

The only thing reminding us of him is the tigers and Exotic-esque bio: ‘Animals are cooler than people.’

In a video of him dancing, a fan asked whether the two are still together, and Dillon answered: ‘I’m still married to joe but my social media platform isn’t used for any joe things. Thank you though.’

In the meantime, partying and hanging out with his besties is the way to go.

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The good place 😉

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What about the animals?

Joe Exotic going to prison hasn’t changed Dillon’s love for tigers and other exotic animals.

If you scroll past all the parties and good times, he also shared snaps of his favourite tigers and snakes.

A post about his tiger from Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park read: ‘#DoublePost but I’ve never experienced quite the same connection as I do with these cats than I have with any other animals.

‘These awesome animals may seem big and scary but if treated and cared for with respect, they’ll treat you the same.’

Considering almost everywhere is in lockdown, we don’t know how often he gets to see the animals.

EDM festivals are definitely no longer and option at this time with many concerts and events getting cancelled.

Does hanging out in gator-infested rivers count as social distancing?

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