Judge Rinder reveals crush on Bake Off’s Noel Fielding after comedian said he ‘smelt and looked gorgeous’ – The Sun

JUDGE Rinder has revealed he has a soft spot for Noel Fielding after being charmed by the comedian on Celebrity Bake Off.

The legal professional, 41, was smitten with the zany star after he complimented his looks and scent during the Stand Up To Cancer special.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, Judge Rinder, real name Robert, said: "I love Noel.

"In fact there’s a moment he came up to me and said I smelt and looked gorgeous, which I can’t lie, made me very cheery.

"But then he said I smelt like bubble bath from the 80s, so I was a bit worried I smelt like Matey."

Master baker Paul Hollywood also made an impression on Rob, who hinted he might have secured a famous handshake.

He said: "He’s a combination of alluring and threatening.

"He looks like a character from a Jackie Collins novel if they committed affray.

"I’m not going to say what sort of shake I got, but I definitely got to touch him.

"I’m so glad I got to make this before social distancing, that's all I’m going to say."

Tomorrow night's episode of the charity special also features Carol Vorderman, Mo Gilligan and Kelly Brook.

"Carol Vorderman and I became very close," said Rob.

"I got to stare at her buns all day. They are resplendent… her baked buns."

While there was certainly nothing wrong with Rob's social skills in the famous tent, he's less enthusiastic about his baking.

He admits he doesn't really have a sweet tooth and underestimated the skill involved in cooking up delicious desserts.

"I have no transferable skills," joked Rob. "In the event of war I think I’d have to be a hostage.

"I don’t really eat sugar. I'm not someone who does carbs a lot. I can’t lie, it wasn’t a creative match made in heaven.

"I thought it was an important thing, and if I can shame myself in front of the nation then why not."

Despite his relaxed attitude, Rob did enlist the help of a talented friend to show him the ropes.

He said: "Part of the reason I don’t do baking is because I’m a clean freak.

"I went round to my friend's house who showed me how to do the showstopper and signature bake. She started putting flour on her work surfaces and I thought, goodness me, how can anyone be so savage?

"I had a day’s lesson from my darling friend who’s like a master cook. The difficulty was I had such a challenging week in the lead up to it that I ended up falling asleep in between the bit when she was teaching me about biscuits and soggy bottoms."

The Great Celebrity Bake Off for Stand Up To Cancer is on Channel 4 on Tuesday 7th April at 8pm. For more information or to donate, please visit channel4.com/su2c

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