Kate Garraway dubs Meghan Markle cute as pet name for Prince Harry is uncovered

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Good Morning Britain hosts Kate Garraway and Ben Shephard dubbed Meghan Markle "cute" on the show today after she revealed her adorable pet name for Prince Harry.

It came as the ITV show's presenters filled the audience in on Prince Harry's latest endeavour, a filmed afternoon with comedian and friend James Corden.

Uploaded to Corden's YouTube channel for his The Late Late Show, the star got his team to film him and the Prince as they travelled around Southern California in a tour bus.

From tea to visiting the Fresh Prince of Bel Air mansion, Harry got quite the trip.

As they arrived at the famous mansion, James called Harry's wife Meghan after pinching his pal's phone so he could speak to her.

James was determined to convince Meghan to buy the mansion so they can be a "Prince and Princess in a Prince' mansion".

Speaking to Harry, James said: "Right, listen, I've spoken to this guys," pointing at the new owners of the house, "and I don't think you're capable of making this decision give me your phone."

Laughing, the Prince handed over his phone with no giggles as James searched for Meghan and then FaceTimed her.

After only a few dials Meghan answered the phone looking sensational and beautiful as she smiled with happiness and delight as she greeted James.

As she answered, an excited James shouted: "Hey Meghan!"

Bursting out laughing, Meghan responded: "Oh, hi!"

"Now listen," James interrupted. "I've got to talk to you about something," before he went on to explain that they were at the Fresh Prince of Bel Air mansion and attempt to convince the former Suits actress to buy it.

Telling Meghan he was "here with the big man" as he flashed the phone at Harry.

Meghan replied: "What did he say about it (the house)?"

James said: "Loves it. He's already used the bathroom that's how at home he feels.

"That's wonderful," Meghan replied, "I think we've done enough moving," as she burst into giggles.

As James said he'd put her in touch with the owners, Meghan began speaking to Harry and referred to Harry as "Haz", which left James surprised.

Meghan said to her hubby: "Haz, how's your tour going?"

A shocked James said: "I didn't know we were using pet names?"

Harry responded: "Well, you're not my wife."

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