Kate Garraway wears face mask and reveals nightmare first day back at work as husband Derek fights for life in hospital

KATE Garraway wore a face mask on her way to work today before having a nightmare first day back at Good Morning Britain.

The 53-year-old presenter bravely returned to front the ITV breakfast show amid her husband Derek Draper's desperate fight with coronavirus.

After four months off-screen, Kate thrilled fans with her return – but she admitted it hadn't been smooth sailing.

Before going on air at 6am, Kate's driver failed to turn up, her computer went into a two-hour update and the show's autocue operator slept in.

She also warned she was likely to get "emotional" if her colleagues were "too nice" about her comeback.

Welcoming her back, co-host Ben Shephard said: "I've got a big smile on my face because she's back. It's lovely to see you because nothing's gone wrong yet.."

"Well, you say that, but quite a lot has gone wrong this morning already," laughed Kate.

"The car to pick me up, didn't show up. I came into work and a very senior person had come into work early to make sure my computer worked -because I'm legendary for being useless at computers and having been away for three months the chances are no one could even find it – and just as I arrived it went into a two-hour update. 

"And apparently we haven't got anyone on autocue either."
Ben explained: "Someone has stepped in but our autocue operator has overslept.

"Maybe they had the same driver as you. Who knows what we'll be saying. But it's lovely to have you here."

Since March, the presenter has been supporting her sick husband Derek Draper throughout his devastating coronavirus battle.

Despite her tragic circumstances, Kate is trying to "look to the future" and get some normality back in her family's lives.

She posted a snap of herself wearing a mask in the car as she headed to the GMB studios today.

Speaking about wearing a mask on the show today, Kate said: "I put a mask on in the car this morning after hearing what people are saying about enclosed spaces.

"I am exceptionally cautious. It is better for the driver, better for everybody. It feels like you're doing your best to protect. Maybe it needs to be the law."

While on the show, Kate's eyes filled with tears while talking to coronavirus survivor Michael Rosen.

The children's book writer described his recovery after 47 days in a coma.

Kate said: "It's stories like yours that give everybody hope, so thank you very much indeed."

Her co-host Ben Shephard agreed: "It's hugely important. Kate, as you've said to me in the past about recovery, where there's life there's hope.

"That has been a long journey for Michael and it's continuing. I thought that was a lovely description – 'COVID has a very long tail'."

Kate replied: "A very long tail, it does and it gets more so.

"There will be emotional and physical [battles] for the families and everybody else…"

She struggled to carry on as she got teary, adding: "I might get emotional so shall we talk to Lorraine."

Michael, the author of the Bear Hunt, is learning to walk again after his coronavirus battle. He warned: "It isn't an illness you have and just leave behind. I hope, Kate, it gives you some hope too."

Kate replied: "It's fantastic to see people come through this. It's so lovely to hear you."

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