Katie Price is taking the next step with her new man Carl Woods as she plans to show him off on the red carpet

KATIE Price is taking the next step with her new man Carl Woods as she plans to show him off on the red carpet.

The star is keen to show off boyfriend Carl, 31, in front of the cameras at Shaka Zulu in Camden, London, on Thursday for the club's 10th anniversary bash.

A source told The Mirror: "Katie and Carl are planning their first official red carpet this week.

"Katie will be seen out in her hot wheels this coming Thursday with her Prince Carl by her side."

It will be an unusual night for Katie, 42, as it will be the first time she's required a scooter to travel down the red carpet.

The former glamour model was gifted a hot pink custom scooter after breaking both her feet in a horrific accident while on holiday in Turkey.

She also has a £10,000 wheelchair encrusted with 6,000 Swarovski crystals that she could use for the glamorous event.

She has been given the freedom to get around and be independent following her driving ban thanks to the nifty vehicles.

Katie was slapped with two-year driving ban in October last year after crashing her £130,000 pink Range Rover in 2018.

But she plans to zip around her local area in Surrey, telling The Sun: "I won't be breaking any speed limits on this – that's for sure."

Katie opened up to The Sun about the horrifying moment she vaulted a small wall on holiday – only to fall 25ft and smash both her feet.

In her first interview since the accident in Turkey in July, the former glamour model said she feared she would never walk again. Now she is in The Priory because of the trauma.

Katie, 42, was at a theme park with new boyfriend Carl and her children Junior, 15, and Princess, 13, when the accident happened. She had had a few drinks and was larking around.

Katie says: “I’m never ever drinking again and I wasn’t even that p***ed.

“We were just all mucking about. It was just a small wall which had flowers on top and I thought it was the same height the other side — but it was a 25ft drop.

“I landed on my feet and it was like cement. I tried to get up and I couldn’t.

“Then this pain just hit my legs and I’m screaming, ‘My legs! My legs!’

“Then when the ambulance crew were trying to put me on the stretcher and touched my legs it was horrific pain.

“I remember at the hospital looking down at my feet and they were sort of all bent. I can’t remember too much after that because of the shock."

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