Lauren Goodger looks tense as she's seen for the first time since Piers Morgan branded her 'a half-wit'

LAUREN Goodger looked tense as she was seen for the first time since Piers Morgan branded her 'a half-wit'.

The former TOWIE cast member was blasted by the Good Morning Britain host after admitting she would refuse to take the Covid vaccine – because she "doesn't know the long-term effects".

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Lauren, 34, was fresh-faced and dressed head-to-toe in black as she returned to her car after a local shopping trip.

The brunette chatted on the phone as she walked along, before jumping in the vehicle to head home.

The Essex girl is yet to respond to the rant by Piers, 55, in which he called her a "Covidiot anti-vaxxer".

The outspoken presenter believed her feelings were at odds with her choice to inject herself with lip filler.

Furious Piers ranted on GMB yesterday: "Lauren Goodger, who I'm informed is a Towie babe, has gone public having a go about the Covid vaccine on the day we discovered a million people in this country have the virus and we're obviously in a desperate situation.

"She said she's terrified of the vaccine and has already had Covid and didn't die, so obviously it's not a problem.

"She said I don't like taking medicine or antibiotics.

"Here's a picture of Lauren Goodger. What do you think she's been shoving in her face?"

"Where does that come from, Lauren? What have you been injecting into those lips? Did you check where it came from or check what it is?

He went on: "These people are absolute half-wits. They're quarter-wits.

"They are getting attention on social media. They are already giving their views to millions of impressionable people and they're not getting challenged.

"My point is these reality stars are stuffing their faces with plastic fillings, surgery and injections and so on and then banging on about vaccines.

"It's ridiculous. Do you not listen to these imbeciles. It will cost lives.

It's got to stop. They are wielding a really unhealthy noise to this debate which will deter young people from taking this serious.

"I look at her face. She has put loads of stuff in those lips. She could probably afford to take a risk with a vaccine, which has been approved."

The NHS began rolling out the coronavirus vaccine to the UK's most vulnerable people – including front line workers and those over 80 – shortly before Christmas.

In an interview with the Daily Star, the TOWIE babe described her experience of Covid to that of having a "cold", saying "I didn't die from it."

Adding that she doesn't trust the vaccines because they "haven't been around long enough and we don't know enough about it."

Discussing her previous experience with cosmetic surgery, Lauren continued: "OK, I do do aesthetics and even now I am still nervous of that – I am like that in general.

"Even with a facial I want to know what is in it. That is my anxiety over the years."

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