Little People patriarch Matt Roloff hosts reunion with ENTIRE family including ex Amy & rebel son Jacob despite feud

LITTLE People, Big World star Mattt Roloff hosted a family reunion, with his feuding kids and his ex-wife Amy, at the farm over the weekend.

The family patriarch, 59, said this was just the first event of what would become a yearly tradition.

Matt and Amy, who divorced in 2016 after almost 30 years of marriage, had all four of their kids – Jeremy, Jacob, Zach, and Molly – at the family fun day.

Amy attended with her fiance Chris Marek, while Matt had his girlfriend Caryn Chandler by his side.

Caryn’s daughter from a previous relationship, Brittany, was also at the event, as were the Roloff sons’ wives and kids.

After enjoying the sunny day celebration, Matt shared some photos from it all on Instagram, including a sweet, smiling shot of everyone all together.

He wrote alongside the gallery: “Wait?? What?? My clan all together enjoying the first annual April Sunny Day roloff family farm BBQ at @rolofffarms.”

Jacob shared a similar group shot, writing: “3 cheers for hugel beds”

For the outdoor gathering, Matt manned the grill full of hot dogs and burgers, as his grandkids played around with piggyback rides, a tiny pool, a spray hose, and colorful tents that they could climb through.

Fans on Jacob’s post commented how surprised to see them all together, not just because Amy and Matt are divorced and have both found new relationships, but also because of the feuding between the siblings.

Jeremy and Jacob, along with their wives Audrey and Isabel, have often had spats and shaded one another.

Jacob, 23, and Isabel have not been seeing eye-to-eye with his brother Jeremy, 30, and his Christian blogger wife Audrey, 28, over their differing political views.

In November, the political feud between Jacob and Jeremy heated up when Jacob branded his brother's views of the media as "erratic" as the pair entered into a passionate debate.

He had previously slammed Jeremy for claiming “all looters and rioters are Democrats” and said his claim was very "flawed."

In January, Isabel slammed her sister-in-law Audrey for having a “bulls**t” brand where she doesn’t talk about important current events.

Jeremy’s wife had told fans earlier that she wasn’t going to be “pressured” into posting about the violence at the Capitol just because she’s an “influencer.”

Although exes Matt and Amy are on good enough terms to be at the same family reunion, there are still some issues in their post-divorcee relationship.

Matt and his girlfriend Caryn have not yet received a wedding invite from his Amy for her summer wedding, though a source exclusively told The Sun that they'd attend if they were invited.

The insider said: "Matt and Caryn haven't received an invite, but they were expecting to and would attend.

"Caryn is not a fan of Amy and doesn't want to go, but she'd support Matt, and all of the children and grandchildren will be there.

"They feel their wedding might end up being a small affair because of COVID, so it's likely they'll be left off the list altogether.

"They've been told very little about the wedding, they're basically in the dark, they aren't even aware of the venue, Amy is keeping her cards close to her chest."

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