Love Island star shares why Islanders put on a lot of weight during ITV show

Love Island star Priya Gopaldas has opened up about putting weight on in the ITV villa.

The stunning bombshell starred on the show in 2021 and has confessed to putting weight on during her time on the show.

Priya is a fitness fanatic and loves to stay active and eat healthily but her time in the villa prevented her from doing this to her standard.

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Talking about keeping fit during her time on the show, Priya said: "They didn't let me out of the villa obviously, however, in the villa, I would run up and down and go around for like 30 minutes.

"But it was really hard to stay fit with the heat.

"The food is off-camera but you get three meals a day off-camera and it was good but for vegetarians, it was quite tough.

"There was a lot of vegetables and chickpeas but I really missed having high protein and more meat-like food such as tofu or Quorn.

She continued: "Because you're snacking sweets and stuff out of the fridge all the time like and when you're bored you just keep eating that's why a lot of people put on a lot of weight during their time on Love Island.

"I definitely put on weight when I was in there because if you don't want to talk to people and you don't really know what to do with yourself, you're literally just there snacking sweets.

"I had a lot of sweets when I was in there and I would have liked to have balanced that out."

Priya has teamed up with meat-free brand Quorn to run the Royal Parks Half Marathon on Sunday 9th October.

Quorn is the ‘Official Sustainable Protein Partner’ this year and wants to help the event further its sustainable ambitions by supporting nutrition on race day at the Plant-Based Food Village, as Presenting Partner.

Talking about the campaign, Priya added: "I'm really excited to be an ambassador of Quorn because it's supporting the race's ambition to become the greenest race in the UK. Also, with Quorn, as a vegetarian and a runner, it's so important for me to have tasty sustainable protein in my diet."


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