Love Island's Megan Barton Hanson shows off new blue hair in low cut dress on night out

MEGAN Barton-Hanson has showed off her electrifying new bright blue hair.

The former Love Island star has undergone a dramatic new makeover with the near waist-length blue hued dye job.

Her oceanic themed hair goes from white at the roots through shades of blue until reaching dark navy at the tips.

She was pictured wearing a fitted natural dress and heels to give her new do the chance to take the spotlight.

It comes days after she joked about having a baby with Towie star Bobby Norris.

The 26-year-old Love Island star has opened up about wanting to have kids after deciding she will settle down with a woman.

The former stripper said on FUBAR Radio: “I thought, I enjoy girls’ company and I enjoy the physical side, but I didn’t really see me having a future with a woman.

"But now since I’ve had a serious girlfriend, I’m all up for that!”

She added: “It doesn’t matter whether it’s male or female, ultimately one day I want kids.

"It’s just gonna be a different route with a woman that it would be with a man.”

And her TV pal Bobby was quick to offer up his services to make her dream of becoming a mum true.

He said: “If you ever need a donor, hook me up, send me a WhatsApp, I’ll put it in a jiffy bag over to you!

"If you give me an egg, I’ll give you a sperm. Happy days!”

Megan replied excitedly: “Oh my god I’m holding you to that! One hundred percent! Oh Bob they’ll be beautiful!”

The reality star has dated Towie’s Demi Sims and had a relationship with singer and footballer Chelcee Grimes, which ended in March.

Megan has recently become single again, after splitting from her married millionaire ex Harry Fenner last month.

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