Lucifer season 3 episode 25 explained: Why was there a bonus episode? Where does it fit?

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Lucifer has been airing since 2016 and was later saved by Netflix, much to the delight of fans. The show’s new home means it has achieved a global outreach, with fans tuning in from all over the world. For those who have been rewatching the series, they are keen to find out more about season three, episode 25.

Lucifer season 3 episode 25 explained

Lucifer used to air on Fox before it was cancelled by the network after the third season.

Whilst the show was looking for a new home, two bonus episodes were released and they made up the 25th and 26th instalments.

Episode 25 was titled Boo Normal, and it saw Lucifer Morningstar (played by Tom Ellis) and Chloe Decker (Lauren German) investigate the murder of a child psychiatrist.

The episode was considered as a standalone episode, which would have been shown as part of season four.

In the season three finale, Chloe finally sees Lucifer’s devil face and she discovers he has been telling the truth about his identity all along.

The special episode sparks memories for Ella (Aimee Garcia) who had been keeping a dark secret from the group.

Episode 25 was filmed during the production of season three, with the intent of them airing in season four.

As Fox did not pick up the series for a fourth season, the episodes were aired anyway so fans could see the end result.

Viewers have taken to Reddit to discuss the confusion over the release of the 25th episode.

One said: “S3: E24 – Cain finally dies and Chloe sees Lucifer’s devil face. S3: E25 – no mention of it. It introduces another Angel sibling though.

“What am I missing? One article called 24 the finale episode. I’m lost.”

Thankfully there were fans who were able to set the record straight, with one saying: “Episodes 25 and 26 are not part of the story arc. They are just some kind of add-ons.

“Let’s say they were the last try of the producers to stop Fox from canceling it. Hope I helped you!”

Another said: “If I recall correctly, 25/26 were both episodes that were filmed and were going to be pushed to season 4 before it got cancelled. They released it at the end for the fans.”

The episodes aired on Fox in the summer before arriving on Netflix, which is what caused confusion.  

Some fans have wondered where the bonus episodes fit into the series now it has been picked up by Netflix.

One said on Reddit: “So as we know episodes 25 & 26 or Season 3 were meant to be standalone episodes to be slotted in somewhere in Season 4 if FOX renewed the show.

“They did not and cancelled it. And showed the episodes instead. Now – I’m about to start Season 3.

“Should we stop at episode 24 and slot episodes 25 & 26 into Season 4 when it’s released, or does it not really matter?

“Will Season 4 make note that these episodes have aired and discuss them?”

The series bosses explained exactly where the bonus episodes fit in, with Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson speaking to TV Line.

They said: “We did talk for a long time about incorporating them [in season 4], and we just decided that it would almost be a disservice to both the longer story and to the episodes themselves.”

Henderson said ‘Boo Normal’ could be watched between episode 15 and 16 in the third season.

The 26th episode, titled Once Upon A Time, takes place in an alternate universe.

Lucifer is available to stream on Netflix. 

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