Macron slammed for forcing French into pariah status with forced Covid jab order

Jeremy Vine panellist slams Macron over vaccine stance

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Jeremy Vine panellist Dominique Samuels launched a blistering rant against Emmanuel Macron’s vaccine stance on Jeremy Vine on Tuesday. The broadcaster and commentator blasted moves by the French President to enforce mandatory Covid vaccines on the citizens of France. Under a planned decree proposed by Paris, people would need to show a vaccine pass to be able to access cafes, restaurants, and public transport.

Ms Samuels told Jeremy Vine: “My friend lives in Paris and he is always updating me on everything that is going on.

“And he said recently that every single person in France will need to be vaccinated.

“And then to add the additional threat of not being able to use cafes, and bars and restaurants, you know things that people were able to use before.

“I just think it is such a disproportionate approach.”

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She continued: “If anything it just fuels the people who have anxieties about vaccines.

“Because they think why are you actually doing this.

“It just fuels the conspiracy theories, I think it should be on the basis of choice and not looking to punish people.

Ms Samuels added: “I take offence at this idea that if someone does not take the vaccine they are going to become this sort of pariah.”

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It comes after the French President announced during a public address on Monday that Covid jabs would be compulsory from September for health workers.

“We must go towards vaccination of all French people, it is the only way towards a normal life.

“A new race against the clock is on,” said the President.

“We may need to ask ourselves the question of mandatory vaccination for all.”

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He added: “The country is facing a strong resumption of the epidemic touching all our territory.

“The equation is simple.

“The more we vaccinate, the less space we leave this virus to circulate.”

Under the new rule, French citizens would require a special pass to eat in a restaurant or travel on a train or a plane.

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