Mama June's pregnant daughter Pumpkin, 21, shows off growing baby bump and boasts she's ready for 'hot mom summer'

PUMPKIN Shannon flaunted her developing baby bump in a cute new photo as she joked about "hot mom summer."

The From Hot To Not star announced her second pregnancy last month, after previously giving up on the idea of another baby.

Pumpkin, 21, showed off her growing baby bump in a happy new photo, as she wore overalls and a tie-dye tee-shirt.

The mom of one cradled her soon-to-be child while wearing a big smile and pig tail braids.

The reality star captioned her post: "✨It’s a hot mom summer✨," as she prepares for her due date in July.

Pumpkin, formally known as Lauryn Shannon, shared the happy news in early April, as she posted pictures of her positive pregnancy tests and sonogram images.

"Well the secret is out for everyone to know now!! Baby Efird #2 coming 2021❤️. After almost 3 years we are finally having another blessing and couldn’t be happier," she wrote.

In a conversation with PEOPLE, Pumpkin revealed: "We weren't really expecting. We also weren't trying either, but we weren't preventing.

"Everybody knows Ella's three now, so it's taken me that long to get pregnant. Because for a while, I was on birth control and then I got off of birth control for a year and a half.

"And then I found out that I was pregnant."

Pumpkin married Joshua Efird in 2018, and the couple currently share one daughter, Ella, three.

The pair took the pregnancy news as "a shock," after they "had already come to terms" with Ella being an only child.

Alana, the WeTV star's younger sister who's known on television as Honey Boo Boo, had her reservations about the new baby's arrival.

Pumpkin explained: "I think Alana is excited, but Alana also kind of feels like a burden only because now we have Ella and she wants us to be able to move on with our life."

Alana and her older sister have been battling with forgiveness as they try to re-establish a relationship with their mother Mama June.

The family recently celebrated Mother's Day with their estranged parent, who went away for over a year to recover from crack addiction.

The girls all visited Walt Disney World, where they shared a photo all wearing masks in front of the Cinderella castle.

Pumpkin wrote alongside the image: "I’m so glad to see how far you’ve come in your sobriety.

"I can never thank you enough for being the awesome gigi you are to my beautiful babies."

Mama June, 41, also praised her daughter for being such an "awesome mom," then apologizing for putting her "through hell with my addiction."

"I'm here in present clean n sober with y’all," she reassured.

Pumpkin recently spoke exclusively to The Sun, saying she was "definitely proud" how June stayed clean for about a year. 

“She actually got the help this time. I really want to see her transform into a different person mother wise. I want her to be more caring, be around more and take the sentimental moments in. 

“She’s definitely sober today, but she’s going to have to continue to prove that to everyone. I really do hope they remain sober, but I do have my doubts about both of them because they are still in that year of sobriety.”

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