'Married at First Sight': Jessica Opens Up to Katie About Her First Big Fight With Austin

JessicaStuder and Austin Hurd have had a much less dramatic relationship thantheir castmates on Lifetime’s Marriedat First Sight Season 10. Unlikethe other four couples this season, they haven’t had explosive fights or majortrust issues.

Still, that doesn’t mean they have no conflict at all. On the Apr. 1 episode of Married at First Sight, “Fight or Flight,” Jessica opened up to her castmate, Katie Conrad (Derek Sherman’s wife), about her first major argument with Austin.

Jessica told Katie she felt Austin wasn’t completely honest about his work schedule

On thelatest episode, the four remaining Married at First Sight couples—sansZach Justice and Mindy Shiben, who had already decided to get a divorce—headedout on a final retreat, about a week before Decision Day.

Jessica and Katie settled down outside the vacation home fora glass of wine and some girl talk about their relationships. “Austin and I gotin a fight,” Jessica admitted, after Katie spilled the beans about her problemswith Derek.

The nursing managersaid her husband hadn’t been completely forthcoming with her about just how oftenhe would be traveling for work in his newcareer as a network engineer. “He says he travels for work, but he never elaboratedon it,” Jessica revealed. “And it turns out that it’s like, Monday throughThursday, four-day trips, sometimes 10-day trips, the entire month. And so, Octoberwill be—like, he’s gone more than half the month.”

The Married at First Sight star complained that Austin hadn’t told her all the relevant details when they first communicated about his travels. “He’s like, ‘I told you I traveled for work,’” Jessica told Katie. “And I’m like, ‘You never gave specifics on that.’”

The patient care manager wondered how Austin’s absence could affect their marriage

Austinand Jessica got into a spat over text that escalated before they met up inperson and worked things out. For her part, Jessica was worried about how Austin’sfrequent absences could affect their future and their ability to build a bond beforeDecision Day at the eight-week mark.

“It turns out he’s gonna be traveling a lot, and I was kindof like, how did you really think that was going to work, to get to knowsomebody and just leave them?” Jessica wondered aloud.

Katie agreed that that complicated things, especially in theunusual circumstances of their arranged marriage social experiment. “Yeah, youguys are gonna be like, fresh in your marriage,” she said.

“Yeah,” Jessica agreed worriedly. The Married at First Sight star added, “Looking at the calendar, he would be gone more than half the month.”

Katie assured Jessica that absence could make the heart grow fonder

Still, Katie wondered if Jessicaand Austin’s distance from one another could strengthen their relationshipin a unique way. “Maybe it’ll be good for you guys, though,” the mental healthprofessional ventured. “I mean, we’ve spent so much time with our husbands. Somaybe it’ll give you time to miss him, and you guys will strengthen yourrelationship in a different way.”

Her Married at First Sight castmate wasn’t so sure,especially because it was hard for her to feel comfortable with people againafter long periods of time apart.

“I mean, that’s a good point,” Jessica began. She continued,“But the other thing is, sometimes I’m a person that’s like, it’s hard for meto open up to somebody and then see them again after going two or three weeks withoutseeing each other.” The 33-year-old worried that the long absence could lead to“awkwardness” and discomfort between them when they reunited.

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