Meghan Markle mocked by Ellen DeGeneres with brutal joke before ‘bullying’ claim

Ellen DeGeneres, 62, is in the centre of a workplace bullying row after staff claimed the set on her show had a toxic atmosphere.

One of the many celebs which have lent their support to Ellen is Meghan Markle.

Ellen sparked up a friendship with Meghan Markle in 2012 after meeting her in a pet shelter but she hasn't always been kind about the actress turned Royal.

In 2017 when Meghan's engagement to Prince Harry was announced, Ellen made a cruel joke about the actress in reference to her appearing as a briefcase girl on the US version‘ Deal or No Deal'

Meghan favored briefcase on the show was number 24 and DeGeneres told her audience she was “holder for Case 24” – the suitcase filled with money.

“Which means if Harry had picked the other model, he could’ve gotten a million dollars!," Ellen quipped.

She went on to say: “Kate Middleton is my 15th cousin, so that makes Prince Harry’s fiancée my other cousin.”

Ellen also told of her excitement that Meghan was marrying into British royalty.

She said: “We finally got somebody on the inside, you guys!”

Ellen told her audience how she had met Meghan at the rescue shelter.

She said: “She adopted a dog, ‘cause I told her to…’ I don’t even remember the story, but she does, and obviously she does whatever I tell her to do!”

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Ellen jokingly insisted that Meghan invited her to her wedding.

She said: “So, Meghan, if you’re watching, I have something else to tell you. Invite me to that wedding.

“And instead of plus-one, I want plus-400. I want all these people to come, too.”

Despite her plea, Ellen was not invited to the wedding.

Ellen this week apologised to staff after her show had an overhaul after axing its senior production team.

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Ellen, 62, issued a personal note to her production staff, reading: "I'm so so sorry for what this has become. I've left this to be a well-oiled machine, and I realise it's not a machine… its human beings."

She added: "I apologise for anyone who's feelings I've hurt. I'm not perfect. I'm multi-layered and I learn from my mistakes.

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